Hogwarts Legacy may have revealed additional material that did not make it into the game

Perhaps we will see it in a sequel to the title.

Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition Main Artwork

No one doubts at this point in the life of the enormous success that has been Hogwarts Legacy in critics and salesbeing so that there are many who are looking forward to seeing what this can lead to, since Warner Bros. has already talked about the fact that there are plans for a sequel, which could end up adding some of the content that did not arrive in this version of the title.

Not for nothing, one of the most notable absences is that of the magical sport par excellence of the Harry Potter universe, while the reason why there is no Quiditch in Hogwarts Legacy is already known, although this could make it sold as novelty in a sequel. However, the mod community has discovered that there is more content than was removed from the game for no apparent reason.

Lines of dialogue have been found that suggest we may have had companions at Hogwarts Legacy

And it is that, although it is known that in Hogwarts Legacy we cannot have companions beyond the relevant missions, being Sebastian Sallow, Natsai Onai and Poppy Sweetingstudents of Slytherin, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff respectively, the only characters with which we will have quest chains, which allows us to interact with them, although limiting ourselves only to these, since the rest of the time they will be like normal Hogwarts students. It should be noted that someone who represents Ravenclaw is missing, Amit Thakkar being a kind of feint, but that he was not as relevant as the three mentioned.

Be that as it may, the point is that they have met dialogue lines which suggest that at some point in the game he would have had companions, that is, NPCs that would have accompanied us during the adventure. It should be noted that this would not have been entirely unusual, since although in the main missions we would have to be alone, in the open world that the title offers there are elements that suggest that extra help would not have hurt us, as it happens with the enemy camps of goblins and Ashwinders.

In this way, it has been discovered that the three characters mentioned had unique dialogues related to certain missions in the game, which comes to suggest this interaction outside of their personal chains. Of course, it should be noted that at the moment it is something that has not been confirmed as such by the development team, but it does not mean that we can see it in the future in the possible sequel.

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