F1 qualifying at the 2023 Saudi Arabian GP live: Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz in Jeddah

The Formula 1 returns this weekend and does so with an exciting race on the Jeddah street circuit. Everything points to the fact that the 2023 Saudi Arabian GP is going to bring many surprises: the 2 free practice sessions on Friday have served to Fernando Alonso arouse emotion among Spanish fans and that is why the classification is very interesting. Go on live the classification of F1 2023 today at the Saudi Arabian GP that runs in Jeddah.

F1 qualifying at the Saudi Arabian GP, ​​live

Sainz plays it!

18.38. Carlos Sainz for his return to get into Q3. Danger for the Spanish who is eleventh.

fourth russell

18.37. The English pilot gets below Leclerc, Pérez and Alonso. Hamilton is sixth.

Pérez does not surpass Alonso and Verstappen gets out of the car!

18.35. Checo Pérez made his first lap, placed second and failed to overtake Fernando. The session is over for Verstappen who is out for Q2! Christian Horner puts his hands to his head.

Engine problem for Verstappen!

18.32. NO ONE BELIEVES IT! Max Verstappen fails to rev up his car and panic ensues in the Red Bull garage. Alonso goes first!

Alonso takes first and Sainz fifth

18.30. The Asturian is first in Q2 and Sainz does not improve and is fifth, far behind his teammate Leclerc. Verstappen, who came out with new ones, lost his car at the start of the fast zone. He didn’t get older.

Alonso and Stroll come out with new

18.27. The two Aston Martins go out with new tires to go into Q3.

Start Q2

18.25. Green traffic light and the pilots go out on the track to do their lap. 14 minutes to see who goes to Q3.

Q1 ends: Norris out

18.22. End of Q1. Max Verstappen signs the best time of the first qualy, followed by Pérez, Alonso and Stroll. Expect the track to improve and those times to come down. Norris has been left out and Bottas has gotten in by the hair. Eliminated: 16th Tsunoda, 17th Albon 18th De Vries 19th Norris and 20th Sargeant after hitting the walls again. A first qualifying round that caused cold tires to have problems on such a narrow circuit.

Norris and Ocon in danger

18.18. Ocon and Norris are fighting for the fifteenth place that puts them in Q2. Moments of tension for Alpine and McLaren.

Sargeant gets quite a scare

18.16. The American driver leaves the circuit and was lucky because the impact with his wheel on the walls of Jeddah was minimal.

Alonso gets fourth

18.13. The Asturian is in fourth position below Leclerc and the two Red Bulls, who are still intractable.

Alonso spinning top

10.18. Alonso spun when he was starting to shoot. His rear tire was not at the ideal temperature and the Spaniard got a scare on his warm-up lap.

Alonso leaves

18.08. Fernando Alonso is already on the track to do his first laps. Stroll, his partner, came out at the same time.

Verstappen in the lead

18.07. Verstappen pulverizes all times and takes first in Q1.

Leclerc and Sainz, on track

18.05. The two Ferraris leave. First lap for Leclerc and Sainz.

De Vries gets out of the loop

18.03. The Dutch driver could not run in free practice 3 and it was noticed in his first lap of the quality. He was lucky because he didn’t get older.

The classification of the Saudi Arabian GP begins

18:00. Green traffic light, the pit lane opens and Q1 starts. The two Williamses are the first out.

to your posts

17.55. The pilots are already all in the cars waiting for the pit lane to open and to be able to start the quality. Don’t move, this is starting now.

Ten minutes to start

17.50. There are only 10 minutes left for the drivers to get out of their garages and start rolling in Q1 of the Saudi Arabian GP! The moment of truth arrives. We will see if Alonso maintains the level of free practice and if Carlos Sainz is encouraged and recovers a good feeling for tomorrow’s race.

When was Alonso’s last pole position?

17.45. Fernando Alonso chooses to get his 23rd pole in Saudi Arabia. The last time he did it was at the 2012 German GP (July 22) when he was at Ferrari and fighting with Vettel and the Red Bulls for the title. Today, the Spanish could put an end to this drought.

Alonso will return for the podium

17.40. Fernando Alonso is the greatest hope this season for Spanish Formula 1 fans. The Asturian driver will seek to be among the top three positions in today’s afternoon Classification to get closer in tomorrow’s race to a new podium that would be the second in a row. Nerves are on the surface again to see ‘Magic’ again with the Aston Martin that looks very good again after free practice.

How do the rest of the drivers arrive on the grid?

17.35. Carlos Sainz finished fourth in Bahrain and he also signed a good race, unlike his teammate charles leclerc that he had to leave. lewis hamilton managed to finish fifth and his partner in Mercedes, George Russell, seventh. Among them, the Aston Martin of Lance Stroll. Now we must be attentive to know if in the Saudi Arabian GP Similar results are repeated or changes and improvements begin to be seen in the cars that participate.

the previous

5:30 p.m. Good afternoon and welcome to the live broadcast of the classification of the F1 Saudi Arabian GP, the second test of the season. He Jeddah Corniche Circuit It will be the stage where the pilots will put their skills to the test and show if they saw what they saw two weeks ago in Bahrain It was the result of luck or if these positions are really the ones we are going to get used to throughout the season. We will have to be very attentive to what they are capable of doing Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz.

He Formula 1 World Cup 2023 started with the Bahrain GP. max verstappen walked around the circuit sakhir and he managed to win a race that he always had in his pocket. your partner Red Bull, Checo Perezfinished the test in second place, thus demonstrating that the Austrian team aims to repeat the superiority it exhibited in the last edition of the championship.

But, without a doubt, the great name of this beginning of Formula 1 World Cup 2023 It’s of Fernando Alonso. The Asturian could not debut with Aston Martin with better sensations than those experienced in Bahrain. The two-time world champion signed some impressive previous sessions and in the race managed to finish third, getting on the podium, something that he will try to repeat in the Saudi Arabian GP. To do this, you will have to extend in the quality the good feelings shown in the three free practice sessions in which he did not fall below the first three positions.

What time does F1 qualifying start today?

The Formula 1 classification for the race on the street circuit of Jeddah it will be this Saturday March 18 from 6:00 p.m..

Where to watch Formula 1 live today

You will be able to see the f1 standings live on television through DAZN’s DAZN F1 channel, which can be seen by subscribers to the Movistar+ Sports package. But also, you will be able to follow live how the F1 starting grid looks today through the OKDIARIO website, where we will tell you everything that happens in qualifying today.

Why Fernando Alonso has arrows on his helmet

There is no doubt that Fernando Alonso It arouses a lot of sympathy among Formula 1 fans and it is not for less because at 41 years old, the Asturian driver has carved out a magnificent career and is showing that he continues at the best level. That is why every detail and every movement of Alonso is looked at with a magnifying glass and, obviously, there is a detail of his helmet that has not gone unnoticed. Fernando Alonso always carries arrows in his helmets and that is because when he was 12 or 13 years old, the Asturian had to put stickers on a radio control kart that they had given him and they had the shape of an arrow. As it was a gift that made him so excited, Alonso decided to put the same stickers on his helmet and it has already become a tradition.

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