Discover which saint the Catholic Church celebrates today, March 18, 2023

Saint Cyril of Jerusaleman important bishop and theologian of the early Catholic Church, is still remembered today, March 18thfor his lasting legacy in the Church.

Born around 313 in Jerusalem, Saint Cyril became a deacon and then a priest before being elected Bishop of Jerusalem in 348.

During his time as bishop, Saint Cyril was noted for his defense of the catholic faith and his opposition to Arianism and other heresies that threatened the faith of the Church.

But Saint Cyril was not only a passionate defender of the faith, but also a teacher and trainer of catechumens.

His Catechesis are considered one of the main sources of teaching and catechesis for the Catholic Church, and in them he explained the main dogmas of the faith, the sacraments and other important topics for the Christian life.

His teachings helped guide catechumens in their preparation for baptism and deepened the faith of the faithful already baptized.

In addition to his contributions to the teaching of the faith, Saint Cyril also made important contributions to the Christian liturgy.

He is credited with introducing the Eucharistic prayer which is still used in the liturgy of the Catholic Church today.

He also excelled in his understanding of the divine and human nature of Jesus Christ, and in developing the idea that the Catholic Church is the only true Church founded by Jesus Christ.

The legacy of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem remains relevant to the Catholic Church today. His teachings and his contributions to liturgy and theology continue to be studied and applied in the life of the Church. The Church also celebrates the memory of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem as a saint on March 18 of each year.

Saint Cyril also had an important role in establishing the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church. He helped set dates for liturgical celebrations, including Easter and Lent, and promoted devotion to Christian saints and martyrs.

In addition to his theological and liturgical contributions, Saint Cyril was also a spiritual and pastoral leader.

He was deeply concerned about the spiritual health of his faithful and worked to foster unity and brotherhood among them. He promoted reconciliation and forgiveness in the Christian community and strove to help people live their lives according to Christian values.

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem died in the year 386 and his legacy continues to be remembered and honored by the Catholic Church.

His theological, liturgical, and pastoral teachings and contributions remain relevant to the Church today and are a testimony to the rich tradition of faith and wisdom that has been handed down through the centuries.

The figure of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem is an inspiring example of fidelity to the faith and commitment to the Church.

His life and work continue to be a source of inspiration and guidance for Christians around the world seeking to deepen their faith and live by Christian values ​​in today’s world.

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