Dengue and chikungunya fever: how to prevent and what to do in case of contagion?

What is dengue?

As reported by the Ministry of Health of the NationIt is a viral disease transmitted by mosquito bites. Aedes aegypti. When the mosquito feeds on the blood of a person sick with dengue and then bites other people, it transmits this disease to them. “Contagion only occurs through the bite of infected mosquitoes, never from one person to another, nor through objects or breast milk. However, although it is rare, pregnant women can infect their babies during pregnancy “.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms are:

  • Fever accompanied by one or more of the following symptoms:
  • Pain behind the eyes, headache, muscle and joint pain
  • nausea and vomiting
  • intense tiredness
  • Appearance of spots on the skin
  • Itching and/or bleeding from the nose and gums

It should be clarified that in the face of these symptoms you should not self-medicate and you must go immediately to a health center to receive the appropriate treatment.

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