Кровоизлияние в мозг, исчезновение из кино и неизвестная жена «кардинала Ришелье» Александра Трофимова

In the future, Alexander reincarnated on stage as Raskolnikov, Faust and Gogol, but the viewers remembered him for D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers. In fact, the 26-year-old artist auditioned for the role of Rochefort, but while he was driving to the film studio, the image was already entrusted to Boris Klyuev. Trofimov was offered a casting for a Felton fanatic, which discouraged the actor a lot.

“I was given a text that I did not intend to pronounce, and was taken to the pavilion for screen tests. I sat down and waited for my turn. And only later, either the director himself, or one of his assistants asked me to play along with Boris Klyuev so that he would not play with an empty place. And Klyuev just had a scene where he should portray a dialogue with Richelieu. I agreed, and I myself already had not only anger, but rather a heightened sense of self-worth. They threw a cardinal’s robe over me, seated me in an armchair, Klyuyev came up in the guise of Rochefort and began to say something to me. I, without looking at him, began to answer him on a piece of paper. And, perhaps, my appearance and my inner state at that time did their job. Boris and I played the scene, and then I saw with peripheral vision that everyone was running around me, whispering, ”Trofimov recalled.

Georgy Yungvald-Khilkevich said that he would give the artist separate auditions for the role of Cardinal Richelieu. The playwright became so interested that he opted for the candidacy of 26-year-old Trofimov, although he had previously considered older actors, and according to rumors, he saw him in the image of Mikhail Kozakov. “Since the film was shot by order of the USSR State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting, all the actors in the role were approved by the higher authorities in Moscow. They didn’t want to confirm me. They said, they say, a young and unknown actor, in general, he had never acted anywhere before. But Khilkevich was so interested that he literally defended my candidacy, ”Alexander Alekseevich emphasized.

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