'Blue Thermal' is a beautiful walk through the sky that cannot avoid the clouds of its script

Selecta Visión brings us a new anime premiere on the big screen, after going through festivals like Sitges. Arrives ‘Blue Thermal’ to Spanish cinemas, a film with a spectacular animation that far exceeds its irregular script.

I want to be a pilot

Tamaki Tsuru is a reckless teenager who wants to leave her sports days behind and embrace her university life with a new goal: to find a boyfriend. Bad luck wants you to On the first day I accidentally wrecked a glider and ended up in the glider club. of the University.

‘Blue Thermal’ is a film by Telecom Animation (‘Tower of god’), Directed by Masaki Tachibana (‘Tokyo Magnitude 8.0’), which he also co-wrote with Natsuko Takahashi (‘Ore Monogatari!!’) adapting the manga by Kana Ozawa.

Its main virtue can be appreciated from its first bars: the animation is a real treat for the eyes. The Telecom studio has devoted itself to the visual section of the film and the result is spectacular, reaching its highest levels in the aerial scenes in which we see the characters take to the sky with gliders.

that and the beautiful character design by Miho Tanino (‘Orange’, ‘Ijiranaide, Nagatoro!’) make the technical part of the film shine with its own light and are very pleasant to watch.

Too bad all that work is left overshadowed by a script that fails to live up to it, with a A story that from the very beginning does not exactly shine for its originality, apart from the peculiarity that aviation is the main element of the plot.

The starting point is quite forced, forcing you to take too many leaps of faith to accept that the club’s characters’ first reaction is to force someone who has broken one of their gliders into the club, without taking no for an answer.

Blue Thermal

The protagonist doesn’t help either, who until now you were being sold as a clumsy person to worrying levels and suddenly completely abandons that facet as soon as she steps foot on the glider. “Coincidentally” reveals a great innate talent for aviationso much so that she even seems born for it.

Despite this, its first half is visible and entertaining. Is from its second half when the script begins to fall under its own weight and everything that could have developed stagnates and ends up going nowhere.

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The film has too many characters, the vast majority appear and disappear without much logic and the main ones end up evolving in the least interesting way possible or erratic, in the worst case. The finishing touch is an outcome where events rush and they require real mental acrobatics to accept everything as it happens.

‘Blue Thermal’ is an anime film that shines thanks to its wonderful visual sectionimpressive enough to enjoy much of its footage. A pity that he did not achieve the same finish in his scriptwhich begins being entertaining but predictable and concludes with an outcome that there is nowhere to take it.

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