5 Fantastic Daddy Anime Series and Movies to Stream on Father's Day (or Any Other Day)

Right now it’s time to celebrate another Father’s dayand if what we like to celebrate is to leverage ourselves on the sofa with our favorite people and enjoy a good series or movie… Well, here we have a few recommendations with spectacular parents.

If in animation we have great dads, in the world of anime we don’t fall short either. AND whether adoptive or biological, we have several stellar parents with round series and movies that we can also watch in streaming..

‘Food Wars’

OK, ‘Food Wars‘ itself is not a story of fathers and sons like ‘Goofy and son’ can be, but the relationship between Soma Yukihira with his father Joichiro is key to giving the story a shotgun start and understanding him a little better. Soma has always dreamed of surpassing his father’s culinary skills, and when he decides to close his restaurant, he enrolls his son in a prestigious cooking school where he can bring out his full potential.

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Although Joichiro does not appear much in the story, it is Soma’s main inspiration and has always done everything possible to help him fulfill his dream.

‘Kotaro Lives Alone’

Kotaro Lives Alone

This little anime starts when Kotarō Satoa four-year-old boy who lives alone without any adults, moves into the apartment next door to Shin Karino, a failed mangaka. The series is terribly adorable as well as crude when it unravels the very hard life that Kotaro has led up to now.

But the good news is that he misses a reluctant adoptive father along the way. Because in addition to seeing how the protagonist of ‘Kotaro lives alone’ is going to become a child little by little, We also see how Karino begins to take all her responsibilities more seriously to become the father that Kotaro needs (and deserves).

‘The Deer King’

The Deer King

‘The Deer King’ is one of the anime movies that came to us last year and introduced us to a wonderful fantasy story with a very nice Ghibli aftertaste.

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Is a beautiful story about parenthoodfocusing on a former soldier named Go who lost everything defending their land from an invading empire. Over the years he had already lost hope, but when he manages to escape from prison he takes with him And onea little girl whom he reluctantly adopts but with whom it is impossible not to become attached.

Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga

We jumped from a fantasy epic to a Viking epic with ‘Vinland Saga’, one of the best animes of recent years and also one of the bloodiest. Although ‘Vinland Saga’ is the story of the young Thorfinnas it happens with ‘Food Wars’, it is impossible to understand the protagonist without talking about his father, Thors.

Thors was once an unstoppable warrior who faked his own death so he could live a peaceful life with his family, going as far as to do anything else to protect them. His lessons about life and the need to avoid war play a huge role in Thorfinn’s future.and the truth is that it does not hurt to refer to him as one of the best fathers in anime.

‘Spy x Family’

‘Spy x Family’ is an action-comedy anime that follows a very peculiar family headed by a secret agent who has adopted the identity of loid forger. To fulfill his mission, he has formed a fictitious family, and his wife Yor is a contract killer and her daughter Anya a telepath, but the girl is the only one who knows the secret lives of her parents.

Although Loid begins the series not being too happy with his role as a father, little by little he is proving to have everything it takes. He is very demanding with Anya and her studies, but he also cares about her and that he is happy… and be careful not to touch his hair while he is around.

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