3 reasons that make the Derby della Capitale between Lazio and Roma one of the toughest in the world

In the history of soccer there are great rivalries that end up being unique matches in the season. One of them is the famous Derby della Capitale or Derby of Rome, between Lazio and obviously, Roma.

It may not be the most important classic in Italy, because that place is held by Juventus vs. Inter, but, Yes, he is one of the most interesting in Italian football.

And not only because the two fans support their teams with everything, but because of many things that gave rise to the rivalry between Lazio and Romaand that to this day that hatred remains in force.

Francesco Totti vs Lazio
Francesco Totti vs Lazio – Photo: Getty Images

Unfortunately, the football in this game has been marred a few times by violence, because both hobbies are some of the fiercest in the world.

Besides that political issues somewhat cloud the Derby della Capitale and that is something that we will explain later and in detail about Lazio and Roma.

Derby della Capitale between Lazio and Rome
Derby della Capitale between Lazio and Roma – Photo: Getty Images

3 things that make it interesting Derby della Capitale

The origin of the rivalry

Many of the stories of yesteryear in Italy begin with the same character, Benito Mussolini.. And well, the former president was looking to compete against teams from the north of the country and was looking to unify teams from the capital for it.

After this idea, Roma or known as Associazione Sportiva Roma was born, which was a group of various teams of those years in the Italian capital, but one refused to form a single club, as you can guess, it was Lazio.

This was how Rome was split into two teams, leading to a rivalry that would last for over 100 years and counting. All this happened in 1927, it would be two years later that they would face each other for the first time with victory for ‘La Loba’something that would anger those of Lazio and hatred between the two was born.

Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler
Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler – Photo: Getty Images

The political overtones of the Derby della Capitale

The thing is, this party not only has Benito Mussolini as the central axis of the rivalry, but also Politics has a lot to do with it. Derby della Capitale.

And it is that both hobbies are totally different, because Roma fans identify with working class and those of Lazio are more of those wealthy fans.

This is where the political issue goes, because Lazio fans have a far-right ideologyThey have even displayed fascist flags and Nazi logos, and as we already mentioned, those of Roma are more to the left.

And to finish sharpening it, both teams share stadiums, so there are constant clashes between fans, Lazio and their ultras go to the north stand of the Olympic Stadium and Roma with their fans go to the south stand.

Roma fans at the Olympic Stadium
Roma fans at the Olympic Stadium – Photo: Getty Images

The acts of violence that have stained Lazio vs Roma

With so many differences between both hobbies, acts of violence have been present in matchesboth before, during and even after the Derby della Capitale.

One of the most memorable events between these two teams was on March 21, 2004, when in the vicinity of the Olympic Stadium in Rome a false rumor circulated that a child had been killed by the police outside the stadium.

The Roma fans invaded the pitch in protest at the rumor they were told, they even spoke to Francesco Totti. They managed to suspend the game and violence was present in the stands and in the stadium, leaving a balance of 170 injured policemen.

Totti in a Derby della Capitale
Totti in a Derby della Capitale – Photo: Getty Images

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