19 pages and services to create images from scratch using artificial intelligence

Today we bring you a compilation with 19 pages and services to create images from scratch using artificial intelligence, so that you can easily shape your ideas. These are image generation systems from text.

The operation of these pages is simple, you write a command detailing what you want to appear in the image, and these artificial intelligence systems will create a drawing for you. Some of these services serve you incredible resultsand all of the ones we list allow you to use them for free, albeit in a limited way.

And as we always say at Xataka Basics, these are our proposals, but if you know of any other service that you think should appear on the list We invite you to share it with everyone in the comments section. Thus, all readers will be able to benefit from the knowledge of our xatakeros.


We are going to start with BlueWillow, an artificial intelligence imaging system that is not as well known, but that It is in beta phase and it is completely free.-. The negative part is that it is not known how long the beta will last or what will happen next or if it will become paid like Midjourney.

And if I’ve mentioned Midjourney, it’s because BlueWillow works in a similar way. You have to connect to their Discord server to use it, and it will be there where you can write a command and see the result, as well as the results of the rest of the users.



Canva is a website that allows you to make all kinds of designs online, either for social networks or for all kinds of projects. It is a Swiss army knife with multiple tools to help you with your designs, and among them is an image generator using artificial intelligence.

This is actually quite an easy thing to do. You just have to enter to edit a new project or one that you have already created before, and in the left column you will see an option called Text to image. There you write the prompt or request command describing what you want and that’s it, Canva will generate four images for you. You can also choose the style or aspect ratio that it will have.



Previously known as Dall-E Mini, it is a project that seeks to offer a good free AI to generate images from text. Is freeand its creators say they keep it afloat through subscribers, advertising and donations.

Its operation could not be more simple. You have a field at the top in which to write a text, and in this field you must write your prompt or command. The free version takes 1-2 minutes to generate the images, which are unlimited although with a watermark. And then you have faster and better paid alternatives with $5 and $20/month subscriptions.



DALL-E has been one of the image-generating artificial intelligence systems that has sparked this new wave of mind-blowing services. And it is also one of the best known, precisely for being one of the first to offer truly spectacular results. All this, being a free system that you can use by registering with OpenAI, who are also the creators of ChatGPT.

When you enter the DALL-E website you will be able to see some outstanding results created by the community. And in it, you just have to write the command or prompt you want, and the AI ​​and in a short time you will have four results. In this system, there may be some names or requests that are censored or blocked by the community rules.



A simple website that offers you the possibility of creating images from text using a few free designsalthough the best ones it has are for paying subscribers.

Some prompts may be censored if they include names or terms that are considered harmful, and each time you generate an image it will be different, although you have the possibility to improve one that has been created for you. It does not offer high resolution, but it does offer different shape formats for images.

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Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream

It is an artificial intelligence system designed by Google developers to generate images from your text requests. It’s completely free, although it will require you to create a user account to start doing it. You can generate images with different types of styles.

Dream by Wombo


Wombo started with a funny app in which you took a photo and its AI made the photo move or sing to the rhythm of a song. Now, the next step forward of this service is to offer another artificial intelligence with which you can create images from text requestsbut with a large series of filters or own designs.

This AI works similarly to many filter apps. Using it is new, but some of its visual styles are paidand to use them you will need to resort to the premium subscription.



It is an imaging system based on Stable Diffusion, but with different models trained in different ways. You have the basic Stable Diffusion 1.5 to use it, but you also have photorealism or anime models to generate the images.

Its page will allow you to write positive and negative prompts, and even add a start image to base yourself on. This website promises to be free foreverand also offers different sizes and other advanced tools.

instant art


It is a web page to generate images using artificial intelligence. It is completely free, and its great strength is having 26 fine-tuned AI models from which you can choose when creating the images. Some of them are based on Midjourney or Stable Diffusion, and some are based on various other systems.


Mage Space

This is another online image generator, in which you can use models like Stable Diffusion, Analog and many more. You can also choose the number of steps, the aspect ratio or the difference of the drawing with respect to the command you have entered.

However, this will depend a bit on the plan you choose. Without registration, you can use only Stable Diffusion 1.5, and with a free account version 2.1. However, if you want to use other models you will need the paid account, which costs 15 euros per month.

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It’s the other great AI system for generating mind-blowing images, and so far possibly one of the best you can find. Midjourney works through Discord, being able to use it on its official server or by inviting its bot to any of your servers.

The particularity of Midjourney is that It’s only free for the first 25 requests of images, as a free trial. And then there comes a point where you need to pay their $10/month subscription to be able to keep generating images.



we are before a progressive web app that you will be able to use from any device. It is completely free, and its creators say that they seek to democratize the use of this type of artificial intelligence system. This is dune AI similar to Stable Diffusion.

The way this AI works is through credits. If you only generate one image per prompt you won’t spend any, but if you generate several you will, and then you can pay for more credits. It greatly facilitates its use, since, in addition to the command, it also allows you to choose a layout type among the several that will greatly change the result you will get.



Picsart is a popular image creation and editing suite, perfect for retouching or creating avatars for social networks, collages or stickers. However, for a few months also offers an image generator through artificial intelligence.

This image maker has several tens of visual styles among which you will be able to choose, some may be paid. And taking advantage of the powers of its tools, once an image is created you can edit it, add effects or remove the background.



This is a fairly simple website to generate images from text, and with results that are not that surprising, but can still be interesting. Also it is a bit slower than other generators more powerful, but as a curiosity it has a window where you can see how the process evolves.

The way to use it is quite simple. On the one hand, you have to write the prompt of what you want, and then you have a selector to choose the drawing style you want. And finally, you can also add other extra options to configure the drawing to your liking.



It is another free website that allows you to play with Stable Diffusion, an AI that we will talk about a little later. This AI allows you to write the commands you want, even having an assistant, choose picture framesand even the quality and details.

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Simplified is a commercial website that is dedicated to offering different types of services based on artificial intelligence. Among them, they have recently added the possibility of create images using AIalthough they are not large since they focus on these being resources for blogs and web pages.

It stands out because when making requests to create the image you can ask them to be done using different styles. But they try to make the process as easy as possible to be accessible.



Shutterstock is a popular stock photo portal, and the portal has partnered with OpenAI to create an AI image generator with various styles to your platform. You need to register to create them, but you have the advantage that Shutterstock itself will offer you the framework to license your creations.

stable diffusion


It is an open source artificial intelligence, which allows create images from text. By doing this, you’ll control things like how much Stable Diffusion can separate itself from the command you’ve asked it to, or by how many steps you want it to generate the drawing.

Its open source is one of the keys to its success, since it has allowed the community to embrace it to take it to multiple platforms, and even allowing you to train it with your face on your own to create images with it. But you also have an official website called DreamStudio, which is where you can use it for free.



An image generation page by artificial intelligence. It uses a freemium system, in which you are given some free credits that you spend and then have to buy more. You also have an improved paid version.

This portal has three different models to create the images. You have one that is more photorealistic, another that allows you to add longer prompts to have more control, and a third that is more general and with several advanced styles.

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