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We know the ability that AliExpress has to get important offers, sales and discounts of all kinds on hundreds of products that are activated very frequently.

If you think of stores that offer great facilities to users, you may think of AliExpress, but not only because of the discounts, which are very important, but because they are able to offer buyers all kinds of additional discounts and interesting promotions on thousands of different products.

Of these products, we are interested in those that have to do with technology and, of course, in this topic we will also find interesting offers. If there is something in which AliExpress is always lowering its prices, it is in the technological world.

now that we are immersed in a new promotionit is the precise moment to know everything that are the different additional discounts that AliExpress offers in these days of the Anniversary Promo.

Anniversary Promo, when does it start?

AliExpress presents the Anniversary Promo as days where the discounts of each of the products are going to be mixed with promotions for customers and where you can get really low prices among all the promotions.

This Anniversary Promo has its own heating before it begins definitively, which leads to it being operational as a preview of the March 18 to 20 at 8:59 and 59 seconds AM (Peninsular time).

The Royal Promotion Anniversary Promo begin the March 20, 2023 at 9:00 AM (Peninsula time) and ends March 27 at 9:00 a.m.

Discounts and more discounts

The Anniversary Promo going to bring one lots of discounts on thousands of productswhich will be at very low prices so that we can take them home.

But not everything stops there, since, at these low prices on all these products, we must add a series of discount codes that we can take advantage of and thus our purchase will be even more affordable.

main codes

These codes that we are going to see below, can only be used once per user.

In addition, they are exclusive for those orders that are going to be sent to Spain.

  • €8 discount on purchases of €50: AEES08
  • €15 discount on purchases of €100: AEES15
  • €30 discount on purchases of €200: AEES30
  • €40 discount on purchases of €250: AEES40
  • €55 discount on purchases of €300: AEES55

Backroom discounts

The following discounts will complete even more the little that we are going to pay for certain products of the AliExpress Anniversary Promo.

These are discounts that can only be made effective on certain products in the store’s catalogue, marking each one of them so that the user does not have any confusion. They will be able to get:

  • €4 discount: €20 minimum purchase.
  • €8 discount: €40 minimum purchase.
  • €12 discount: €60 minimum purchase.
  • €16 discount: €80 minimum purchase.

As you have been able to read, the new AliExpress Anniversary Promo is not only an opportunity to obtain great discounts on products that we have always wanted to have and that now we see the opportunity to get them home for a lower price.

But to this we must add that AliExprees also offers us different discount codes, which makes the value of what we have bought even lower and more adjusted, so that the pockets of its customers suffer as little as possible when buying that they want.

It’s time to take advantage and enjoy the Anniversary Promo It is not only an opportunity to obtain great discounts on products that we have always wanted to have and that now we see the opportunity to get home for a lower price.

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