Sleeping well is health, not luxury; the day-to-day rush, stress and the exaggerated use of screens have robbed Brazilians of hours of sleep

Shane/UnsplashSleeping well is very important for a healthy life.

Sleeping well is health, not luxury. The day-to-day rush, stress and the exaggerated use of screens have robbed Brazilians of hours of sleep. International studies point out that sleep well improves mood, concentration, strengthens the immune system and prevents cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. It is during this period of rest that the organism performs the main restorative functions, replenishes energy and regulates metabolism. “Not by chance, sleep is considered one of the three pillars of healthalong with good nutrition and physical activity,” says physician Dalva Poyares, a researcher at the Sleep Institute and professor at the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp).

“Sleep is a need of the organism like any other: eating, drinking water, physiological eliminations, among others. It is a state of brain behavior, in which each person has their own biological rhythm and needs. One person’s sleep should not be compared to another’s”, says the sleep specialist and Philips Avent consultant., Danielle Cogo.

The nutritionist at Puravida, Alessandra Feltre, recalls that it is during the night that the brain consolidates the memories and learning acquired during the day. To ensure quality rest, it is important to maintain a regular routine, create a conducive environment and avoid consuming stimulating foods and drinks before bedtime. We’ve listed some tips to help you sleep better – and reflect on it!

  • Have a regular bedtime and limit your caffeine intake: sleep is regulated by an internal biological clock, which helps to control the release of hormones and neurotransmitters necessary to initiate and maintain rest. Having a bedtime helps to synchronize this internal mechanism of the body, allowing the organism to prepare for rest at the right time. Caffeine consumption can affect the quality of rest, as the substance is a stimulant that can interfere with adenosine, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate sleep. Caffeine can remain in the body for several hours, it is important to limit its consumption, especially after 2 pm.
  • Create a pre-sleep ritual: this process can help prepare the mind and body. This involves choosing activities that help you relax and wind down before bed, such as listening to calming music, taking a warm bath, or practicing meditation. The goal is to create a peaceful environment free of stressful stimuli, allowing the body to feel lighter.
  • Dinner until 8pm: eating a heavy meal late at night can interfere with sleep because it can lead to digestion problems, acid reflux and gastrointestinal distress. Having dinner before 8 pm and opting for light meals, with foods rich in nutrients and fiber, can help maintain energy and improve the quality of rest. It is recommended to avoid foods that may cause discomfort, such as spicy, fatty or sugary foods, especially before going to bed.
  • Avoid screens an hour before bed: exposure to blue light from electronic screens can interfere with the production of melatonin, or hormones that help regulate sleep. Avoiding the use of screens an hour before bed can help prepare the brain for rest, improving the quality of restful sleep.
  • make the bed: Four Seanson, a hotel chain, has a tip too, simple, but that maybe many people don’t care about: make the bed. This habit can bring benefits, such as a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning, which drives other healthy habits, in addition to bringing peace of mind at bedtime. When attaching the top sheet to the mattress, leave about eight inches of slack to create a “pocket” at the bottom, allowing your feet freedom to move.
  • If you lose sleep at night: João Gallinaro, a psychiatrist specializing in sleep, says never to turn on the TV, which will leave your Active brain watching a movie or episode of your favorite series. “The light emitted by the device will also compromise the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps sleep and reaches its peak during the night, and the volume fluctuation will cause harmful noise to sleep well”, she says.


Global Summit Telemedicine 2023  & Digital Health APM

The Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health APM – the most relevant meeting on telemedicine and digital health in Latin America – will have its 5th edition held from November 20th to 22nd at the Frei Caneca Exhibition Center, in São Paulo, with the central theme “Health digital for all”. Held by Associação Paulista de Medicina (APM), the 2023 edition of the Global Summit APM will once again bring together the main players sector to debate the present and future of digital health, telehealth and telemedicine in Brazil and worldwide. The expectation is to bring together 1,500 congressmen. “We have the challenge of making all the benefits of telemedicine, telehealth and digital health available, based on scientific evidence and the real world, and bringing greater resolution to problems and better clinical outcomes”, explains neurologist Jefferson Gomes Fernandes , president of the Global Summit.

new flu vaccine

Sanofi launches in Brazil the first high-dose quadrivalent vaccine in Brazil, Efluelda, developed to offer greater protection to the elderly against the flu and its serious complications. Indicated for the prevention of disease caused by strains of influenza A and B in people over 60 years of age, the high-dose vaccine has four times more antigen (active component). The new vaccine will only be available on the private network from the month of April.

Graac race now with children and pets

Entries are open for the GRAACC Run and Walk, now in its 21st edition. The test will take place on Sunday, May 14, Mother’s Day, starting at 7 am, in the vicinity of Ibirapuera Park. Interested parties can guarantee their participation directly on the GRAACC website. All proceeds raised will be used to treat children and adolescents with cancer at the hospital. Children and pets can participate – with the right to a bandana for the dog in the kit enrollment.

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