Willow creator denies the cancellation of the series and promises a 'Volume 2'

A few days ago, various reports indicated the cancellation of Willow, however, it is the creator of the series who puts an end to the rumors. Although it was initially noted that the series had not given the expected results, and for that reason Disney had ended the story, it seems that the characters will have a future beyond the end of the first season. However, this will not happen as soon as expected.

Jonathan Kasdan, the aforementioned creator, held his Twitter to put in order the comments on the cancellation of Willow. Although this served to dispel the doubts of the followers, it also hinted that the future will not be particularly promising. The production of series for streaming has slowed down, and that has hurt many productions, including Willow.

Here are some of the most outstanding statements from his statement.

The creator of Willow affirms that the series did not suffer a cancellation by Disney

“As a Deadline Hollywood devotee, I also appreciate those punchy, click-generating headlines. I understand whyWILLOW IT IS CANCELED BY DISNEY+ AFTER A SEASON’ is fun and juicy. But I’m sure neither I nor the people at Lucasfilm would have characterized it that way. The truth is less scandalous, but here it is: The decision was made last week to leave our cast to take other opportunities that may arise in the coming year. Due to forces longer and more intricate than I pretend to understand, the production at the shows of streaming is slowing down across the industry, and Willow will not return to film for the next 12 months”.

Although a lot could happen in the next year, current plans do include a second season of Willow. While production won’t start anytime soon, scripts are already written, and the series creator promises they’re more ambitious and darker than last season’s. Do you think these will actually make it to the screen?

“We have developed and written what we hope will be a mind-blowingly fun, richer, darker, and better VOLUME II, building on the characters and story of our first eight chapters. VOLUME II is about courage, desire, acceptance, comedy, and the beauty found in even the darkest of times and places. Are we in pre-production? Not now. Does that mean we’re never going to make it? Absolutely not. I am fully confident that if the appetite for more Willow persist, Disney, Lucasfilm, the great cast and crew will satisfy you.”

Jon Kasdan’s comments are very much in line with what Bob Iger commented. The new CEO of Disney mentioned a few days ago that the company will take the HBO model as a reference. This means valuing quality over quantity. And while Willow had decent viewership numbers, it was never praised by the industry or viewers. Perhaps the waiting time will serve to reinforce the scripts and deliver a better product.

“The entertainment industry is in a moment of global upheaval. The terrain ahead is unknown. What if I think the hype for The Series will be significant in a year or two? Definitely,” Kasdan added.

Do you think that Disney will really give a new opportunity to Willow Or is it only a matter of months for the project to be forgotten?

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