Consejos para acelerar el metabolismo por la noche

By Alba Plain.| Do you need to lose a few extra kilos to reach a healthy weight but don’t know how to achieve it? To make it, to speed up metabolism will ensure results will be even better. Of course, accompanied by a healthy diet, an active lifestyle and, if necessary, monitoring by an expert nutritionist.

And it is that, far from restrictive and inadvisable diets that, in addition to being obsessed with the number on the scale, seek lose weight in a short time; Fast metabolism is what can really help you lose those extra pounds efficiently and get to your healthy weight.

But to achieve it you will have to have those foods that will help you speed it up and that will make your body spend more energy to digest them and therefore also managed to burn more calories with them. Below we reveal to you specifically, those foods with which you will be able to speed up your metabolism at night.

What is basal metabolism and why is it important to activate it?

Before we get into the subject, it is important to understand the function of metabolism and the importance of activating it. So in case you don’t know, metabolism is the process by which our cells transform the food we eat into energy, something we usually know as “burning calories”.

Even when we are at rest, our body needs a certain amount of energy to continue performing its vital functions and specifically the number of calories we need when we are at rest is known as the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). The more active our metabolism is, the more calories we will burn while at rest and the faster those we consume with food will be processed.

This is precisely what the famous metabolism diet is based on.
accelerated, but there are factors such as a lack of physical activity, poor sleep habits, stress, a poor diet… that can cause the metabolism to slow down.

Tips to speed up metabolism at night

Choose a good time for dinner: Although it may seem unimportant, the reality is that choosing the right time for dinner is one of the keys to achieving it. So, in addition to avoiding too abundant dinners before going to sleep, it is advisable to know how to choose the food we eat very well and do it at a suitable time for it. Specifically, experts recommend having dinner around 7:30 p.m., to make sure that we do not eat at least three hours before going to sleep as recommended by this Harvard study.

Choose your food very well: Knowing how to choose the foods that we are going to consume at night is also crucial to speed up metabolism. And it is that, while carbohydrates are advisable for the day for their energy contribution, for dinner it is better to opt for foods that are rich in protein. Including, for example, chicken breast, grilled turkey, white fish or eggs (grilled, cooked or in omelettes) is a good way to consume protein at night through low-calorie foods, but which help to satiate the stomach. appetite and stimulate metabolism.

  • Chicken breast: This type of meat is a great source of protein, as well as being low in fat.
  • Red beetroot: This diuretic vegetable is perfect to help burn fat and satisfy your appetite. All this together with its vasodilator effect, which will also protect you against heart disease.
  • Hake: This white fish is rich in protein and contains omega 3, so it can help you activate the body. Choose to cook it on the grill or in the oven.
  • Hot peppers: Although it is not the type of food recommended to include in a dinner if you have stomach problems, the truth is that spicy foods rich in capsaicin increase body temperature, thus accelerating metabolism.
  • Eggs: Eggs are an important source of protein, healthy fats and are one of those foods that will help satisfy your appetite while stimulating your metabolism.

rest is essential: Sleeping well has many benefits for our health and one of them is to help us speed up our metabolism and burn fat with it. In fact, while we are at rest and sleeping, our body continues to work and burn calories, so ensuring proper rest is essential. To improve it, you can help yourself by meditating, doing some physical activity, drinking a relaxing infusion or enjoying, for example, a bath with essences before going to sleep.

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