What engine does the Aston Martin car have in F1?

The performance of the single-seater Fernando Alonso in it Bahrain Grand Prix has made the expectations about what the Asturian pilot can achieve in the Formula 1 World Championship 2023. After many years in which the troubles have far outweighed the triumphs, Alonso finally has a competitive car thanks to Aston Martin, that one of the key decisions to be able to see the level that was seen in the first round of the F1 World Cup was in the choice of its engine.

Fernando Alonso He made a double decision, mediated last season, which would mark his professional career. The first was to continue in the Formula 1 World Championship, despite the siren songs of other automobile competitions and also despite having an age, 41 years, more than enough to think about retirement. However, Alonso wanted to fight for more and in that direction he left Alpine to enroll in a new project, that of Aston Martinwhich he trusted the most because of the components that were put on the table for him.

One of them was the choice of the engine of the British team. Alonso not only changes his team for this 2023 and the green and black colors to the detriment of the blue of Alpinebut also does it in regards to the engine. Aston Martin is part of the list of teams that use an engine Mercedesas also does the German team itself and also williams and McLarenanother of the teams in which Fernando has spent part of his sports career in F1.

The motor Mercedes if something showed in the Formula 1 World Championship 2022 it was its reliability. Possibly, it was the one that could give its single-seaters the greatest security, with eight cars that took it and only three that had to pay a penalty for changing more elements than they should, something that has become almost a constant in the world in the last times. In Aston MartinIn fact, neither Stroll nor Sebastian Vettel – whom Alonso replaces in 2023 – had to start from the last position on the grid due to engine-related issues, as both earned the three regulations for the season.

Where did you find a problem? Mercedes with their engines last year was in adapting to the new biofuel, counting only with 10% biofuel, mixed with common gasoline, in something that led to a loss of power that was expected to be corrected for the World Championship of 2023 and that the performance of Aston Martinwith Fernando Alonso in the lead, in the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix has been commissioned to confirm.

Alonso returns to the Mercedes engine

Since he is in the Formula 1 World Cup, Fernando Alonso It has gone through five teams, in which it has used different engines in its single-seaters. 19 years goes a long way in the Great Circus of the F1 and after 16, the Asturian pilot returns to carry an engine Mercedes as a great element of confidence for your performance on the track. He already did it in his first stage in McLarenin which he was very close to winning the World Championship, although the internal battles with a then very young lewis hamilton –although Raikkonen finally won– they acted as a brake beyond what happened with the engine. Now, Alonso trusts Mercedes again, via Aston Martin, and the first test has already shown that the choice appears to have been correct.

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