Ugh!  Like when you find a dead rat in your soup but the restaurant denies everything.

If you already get half hysterical when you find a hair in your food, now imagine a rodent… That just happened to a couple who sHe found a dead rat in his soup.this after they placed a takeout order at a traditional Korean restaurant in New York.

The couple identified as Eunice Lucero-Lee and Jason Lee, They went viral thanks to a publication on social networks where they denounced the unpleasant incident. And yes, they took the whole matter to legal instances.

dead rat soup new york
Illustrative image. Photo: Instagram.

The couple who found a dead rat in their soup in New York

It all happened in recent days when the couple we are talking about opened their food order and they got the surprise of the dead rat in the soup, courtesy of the renowned restaurant Gammeeok Located in Manhattan’s Koreatown.

“We ordered sogogi gukbap, which is some kind of hearty Korean beef soup”said Eunice Lucero-Lee in statements taken by the New York Post. According to this, they had already been customers of that establishment for several years, and they had not had any type of incident like this.

Eunice, who is a magazine editor, shared the photos of her ‘rat soup’ on her social media. And well, the only thing we hope is that the couple not pinched or eaten from that plate. Iugh.

Couple finds a dead rat in their soup;  sues restaurant
IG post where Eunice Lucero-Lee denounced the rat soup. Photo: Instagram.

The couple sued; the dead rat in the soup caused the closure of the restaurant

Well yes, as expected, things got dense because the couple did not hesitate to sue the restaurant for the dead rat in the soup. Broadly speaking, the lawsuit says that Eunice Lucero-Lee and Jason Lee “they suffered serious and permanent personal injuries“.

The restaurant denied all the facts using some videos where, according to the administrators of the place, the method of preparing the soup is seen and at no time is any incident seen. However, the New York Department of Health conducted an inspection at the facility and found several details to consider.

According to the New York Post, rat droppings found, the food is also not kept at the proper temperature and the staff were not well qualified to act as supervisors. After the inspection, Gammeeok was closed last Wednesday, March 15, but they can open as long as correct the violations found and pay their respective fine.

Couple finds a dead rat in their soup;  sues restaurant
IG post where Eunice Lucero-Lee denounced the rat soup. Photo: Instagram.

For now, the Lees’ lawsuit against the restaurant over the dead rat in the soup case appears to be still going strong and has not been officially resolved. But what a case… What would you do in a situation like this?

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