A saleswoman has a real treasure in the Friday episode of “Bares for Rares” in her luggage. The prize, which the “Bares for Rares” expert Dr. Heide Rezepa-Zabel appreciated for the junk brooch, Horst Lichter fell over.

The saleswoman was aware that she had found a little treasure at a junk dealer’s for a reasonable price. The prize, which the “Bares for Rares” expert Dr. Heide Rezepa-Zabel guessed, but knocked Horst Lichter over.

Katrin thought the same thing a few years ago when she happened to come across the piece of jewelery in Kyritz an der Knatter: “We were at a junk dealer’s and that’s where it came from.” She bought the brooch at a low price, which she didn’t reveal wanted.

“It’s a very typical design from the 1950s,” the expert classified the brooch in terms of time. Small octagonal diamonds adorned the edge, “and in the middle we have a wonderful aquamarine”.

“Very, very beautiful, very large, wonderfully cut in an octagon,” enthused Rezepa-Zabel about the gemstone. “If I look closely with a magnifying glass, I don’t see any signs of thermal treatment either.” “Is that an untreated stone?” Horst Lichter hardly dared to believe that he was dealing with the purest quality here. The expert confirmed: “A real aquamarine and I assume that it is untreated.”

Horst Lichter catches his breath: “That’s a lot!”

“How many carats is the stone?” Lightener now wanted to know exactly. “He has 36.4 carats,” said Heide Rezepa-Zabel. Lights caught his breath: “That’s a lot!”

Katrin hoped for “minimum 1000 euros”. “I would like to name the stone here alone at 4000 to 4400 euros,” smiled the expert. “Nope!” Horst Lichter knocked his socks off. Including the version, the value was 4400 to 4800 euros. “I suspected it,” beamed Katrin. “I always get a little laughed at for my finds. But I usually find something that’s really nice.” Lighter laughed: “Goldmarie! Then you can now cause a bidding war in the dealer room!”

A cheaply acquired junk brooch is worth several thousand euros

That’s how it happened. “You did something to us there,” Wolfgang Pauritsch knew that the purchase would not be cheap. “It’s so beautiful, I thought it was glass,” Katrin admitted to her junk hit. “When I bought this, I didn’t know it was a real aquamarine.” “I’d happily offer three times what you paid,” Pauritsch grinned, hoping for a bargain. But Lisa Nüdling also wanted the brooch. The betting drove the price up.

Since Pauritsch hesitated too long, Lisa Nüdling grabbed the piece of jewelry for 3300 euros. Pauritsch showed himself to be a fair loser and congratulated: “I would have liked to have had him too. Craziness!”

Other items in the Friday episode

Also sold was the silver tray with a glass insert and the cipher of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s wife, which together with the core piece was worth 800 to 1,200 euros in 1893. Lisa Nüdling bought the set of the Auguste Viktoria ship for 850 euros: “Fortunately it wasn’t on the Titanic.”

Sven Deutschmanek valued the two advertising posters from the mid-1950s at between 300 and 400 euros. The bids didn’t go that high. Sarah Schreiber agreed with the seller on 200 euros.

The porcelain dog by Schaubach Kunst based on a Fraureuth model from 1934 was estimated at 180 to 250 euros. “My dog ​​is like that and his name is Cash,” said Jos van Katwijk, pleased about the bid of 200 euros.

Sven Deutschmanek estimated the Steiff Roloplan kite from 1915 at between 650 and 750 euros. However, the 400 euros offered were not enough for the sellers for their historic kite: “We’ll take it back with us.”

The oil painting “St. Tomaso” by Max Schewe from 1925, Dr. Bianca Berding much better without a frame. She saw the value at 300 to 400 euros. Sarah Schreiber fell in love with the Italian landscape at first sight and even paid 1000 euros for the beautiful picture.

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