Today's horoscope March 17, 2023: Taurus and Pisces ready to pamper

In today’s horoscope, Friday 17 March 2023, the lucky sign is Virgo while the unlucky sign is Libra. With the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, and Venus entering Taurus, there is a great comeback, above all emotional, for the earth signs.

Today’s horoscope, Friday 17 March 2023, and the sign-by-sign forecasts on love, work and luck: here’s what the stars have in store for us on this day. As the Moon joins Pluto, Venus passes into the sign of Taurus.

Let us remember that Venus in Taurus is very strong, because it dominates this sign: maternal, feminine, caring and attentive. Brings harmony with earth signsbut also in Cancer and Pisces.

With the Moon still in Capricorn, the lucky sign will be the Virgin (hear, hear!) and the unfortunate sign Libra (although he will celebrate for no longer having Venus against him).

The horoscope for March 13, 2023

Today’s horoscope for Aries

You always feel invincible with Mars and Jupiter in your favour, which give you courage for the most daring undertakings. Are you ready too, like Furio of the Medusa Trio, to taste the hottest chip in the world that inflames all the taste buds in a few seconds. You really can’t resist this kind of challenge.

Love: you have added it to the workout category.
Work: you always put great enthusiasm into it, which never hurts anyway.
Health: you have strength left because grace has already left for the holidays.
Tip of the day: opt for the season’s ‘maxy’ size glasses as fashion trends require.
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Today’s horoscope for Taurus

Venus peeps into your sign, and you manage to soften all the mental structures in which you have once again entrenched yourself with Saturn in your favour. Put aside all your traditionalism and embrace the ageless universal love, like the one between Giorgia and the young Emanuel that has lasted for more than twenty years.

Love: you are as sweet as St. Joseph’s donuts.
Work: it seems that all your problems have melted away like snow in the sun.
Health: you bet everything on enjoying life well seated in front of a lavish table.
Tip of the day: go to see a show at the Brancaccio theatre.
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Today’s horoscope for Gemini

Today’s Moon further enhances your irrepressible desire for experiences and fun (given by Mars). You feel exactly like Khaby Lame, who, unable to contain his enthusiasm any longer, entered the theater where the Academy Awards were presented first. Your will to live is really addictive.

Love: you are as handsome as porn actors.
Work: beware of hasty decisions, such as spinning on the highway.
Health: you just want to go wild, like in a rave that lasts at least forty-eight hours.
Tip of the day: Buy a Father’s Day gift.
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Today’s horoscope for Cancer

The big breakthrough today comes with Venus, who finally fills your little heart with warm hugs that you’ve been waiting for, impatiently, for a long time. So don’t be surprised if today you are more jealous of Natalia Titova, wife of the handsome Massimiliano Rosolino. You demand at least a twenty-four hours attached to your love with the Super Attack.

Love: you feel invested by a rain of heart-shaped confetti.
Work: you are more intransigent than the precise policewoman who gives the fines.
Health: already in the very early morning you feel crazy cool.
Tip of the day: make space and cleanliness in the closet drawers.
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Today’s horoscope for Leo

You experience this Venus against, which has just changed its sign, as for the Romans, the hitches and unforeseen events to the infrastructure of the city. You are more intolerant and aggressive than a motorist stuck in city traffic honking at full blast.

Love: you are more articulated than a pole dancer.
Work: Pause all your infinite understanding to think a little about yourself.
Health: Today’s pout makes you even sexier.
Tip of the day: go spring shopping to lift your mood.
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Today’s horoscope for Virgo

You feel slightly sweetened like the aspartame muffin recipe. Venus smiles at you again, but you may not notice it and continue in those battles such as giving fines to parents who bring their children to school late. You’ll see that this hyper-critical trend of yours will soon take a completely unexpected turn.

Love: you bite into it with small clamps, like those foods you’ve never tasted.
Work: you’ve almost resigned yourself to being listened to like the chemistry teacher at a classical high school, little or nothing.
Health: you happily notice that your complexion is closer to that of a newly blossomed rose than to that of a mummy.
Tip of the day: follow the legendary Mel Robbins on social networks.
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Today’s horoscope for Libra

Now that Venus has moved out of opposition, you totally change your world view, so much so that you abandon the ‘bad girl’ role for your classic more affable and even-tempered ways. After all these months of exaggerated revelry, you want to do like Mr. Prandelli who dreams of the package bench, to be shared only with his grandchildren.

Love you’re almost ready for selfless gestures.
Work you can also make sense of all the bad luck that has happened to you in the last period to the motto: c’est la vie.
Health: you’re still perfect for the cover of Sport Illustrated.
Tip of the day: save up to buy a dream pair of shoes.
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Today’s horoscope for Scorpio

Now that you have Venus against you, you’re an upstanding UEFA cup finals referee who pedantically enforces all the rules. You demand correctness seasoned with vice, like Piersilvio Berlusconi who cancels the reply of the GF Vip for too many vulgarities and profanity. You with a nice scissor are ready to make very decisive cuts.

Love: You postpone it like tax payments.
Work: you are a ruthless Briatore-style manager.
Health: the torments of the heart that you were waiting for are back.
Tip of the day: you who are a brainy study all those innovative solutions to make your home more ‘green’.
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Today’s horoscope for Sagittarius

Your feeling is of being adrift, like the program Le Iene, orphaned this week also by Belen. Venus has greeted you, leaving you alone with your paturnies, which Mercury continues to suggest against you. Remember that you always have Jupiter on your side, who like a charming Claudio Santamaria comes to save Davide Parenti’s program in extremis, also bringing back big smiles and irony.

Love: you watch it go away, like cruise ships from the port quay.
Work: you are consulted as the marble bust of the founding partner.
Health: your only activity at the moment is to book decontracting massages.
Tip of the day: do a full checkup.
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Today’s horoscope for Capricorn

You feel again that you have regained the position you deserve, now that Venus has also returned to enlighten you and make you crazy hot, better than a week at the spa. What’s more, your ideas are more successful than Donato de Caprio’s sandwiches, which are also about to conquer Milan with the place “with crumb or without”. Even simple things are perfect for you.

Love: you are more romantic than Rudolph Valentino.
Work: you are good even with your bitter competitors.
Health: you feel more divine than the God Apollo.
Tip of the day: re-read the most famous parts of the Divine Comedy, such as singing with Paolo and Francesca.
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Today’s horoscope for Aquarius

Only the Moon today manages to ensure that you are still the protagonist of initiatives, such as that of the students of a Texas high school who raised funds and pocket money to send a teacher into retirement. I say today, because with Venus against you will no longer be available to act as a showman or motivator in evenings, with colleagues in the office or just by requesting a free offer.

Love you are a real female spoiler.
Work for once you leave room for others too, but only because you have no desire to apply yourself.
Health with a pair of earphones and 90s house music you’re always ready to sweat the hell out of it, whether it’s at the gym or at a ‘silent disco’ flash mob.
Tip of the day: book a trip to China, now that the land of the rising sun has reopened its borders to tourism.
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Today’s horoscope for Pisces

Love and Venus make you feel like real experts on the subject, ready for orange blossom or birth bows to hang on your front door. Just like Lindsay Lohan, who announces to the whole world that she will soon be a mother. Whether it is public or private life, you are in full gestation.

Love: the joys of the little heart sparkle like the lights of the disco ball on the dance floor.
Work make a business plan now, to find investors for your ideas.
Health: put on your first spring clothes to refresh your look.
Tip of the day: Add superfoods like nuts and avocados to your shopping list.
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