This is the Axiom spacesuits that have cost NASA 228.5 million dollars

NASA has presented the suits that the astronaut team will wear for the Artemis III mission to the moon planned for 2025. These suits are full of technological innovations and will be the ones that will be used, among others, by the first woman to go and step on the moon.

The Artemis III mission is one of the most anticipated, and although there are still a few years left before it begins, we are learning more and more about this project that the US government has ordered to speed up.

For now we know that the astronauts, a total of four in which a woman is included for the first timethey will pass a week on the moon doing various experiments. And this past Wednesday, NASA together with Axiom Space (the company in charge of designing the special suit) have presented the prototype of the suit that the astronauts will use.

During the ceremony held at the Houston Space Center, in Texas (USA), one of the Axiom Space engineers put on the suit to show all the new features it included. As expected, these suits are the most technologically equipped, for example, the helmet has a set of powerful lights and high-definition video cameras and on the back the astronaut will carry a support system where oxygen is stored.

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In turn, they are also stronger and more flexible than previous generations of costumes with special emphasis on both boots and gloveswhich will allow astronauts to take more tools and have more freedom to handle objects.

The contract is valued at $228.5 million., and while it still has several more tests to pass, it looks like the money is well spent. It should be noted that, despite the fact that the prototype is black, it is most likely that the final version is white for reasons of safety and comfort when working in the space.

The only thing that has not yet been removed from the special suits, no matter how many technological advances are made, are the diapers that have integrated This is the only viable option that astronauts have to go to the bathroom during their walks and space operations, and for now it does not look like it will be replaced.

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