This is how you can improve your 'office' to telework from home, according to OCU

The pandemic and the lockdown They forced many workers to carry out their trade from home, improvising a small office in the living room, kitchen, living room, bedroom or study room.

After three years, a large volume of jobs combine face-to-face work with teleworking, and the telematic modality is offered as an advantage in the labor market. It is a trend that is here to stay.

For this reason, from the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) have compiled a list of gadgets with which to improve the home office, gaining in comfort and efficiency.

“To adapt to the new reality and make it easier for employees to work from anywhere, companies have replaced desktop computers with laptops. But while the advantages of these devices in terms of portability are undoubted, their usability is nowhere near as good as the one we have when we work with a desktop computer, with a large screen in front of it, a comfortable keyboard and a good mouse instead of a trackpad”, considers the organization.

7 recommended gadgets

1 – Laptop stand. The first gadget recommended by OCU is a laptop stand, with which to raise the screen and place it at eye level. In this way, we will manage not to strain the neck by not having to look down. Its price is between 10 and 30 euros.

2 – Keyboard. Raising the laptop makes it more difficult to use the built-in keyboard on laptops. In this sense, there are wired or wireless keyboards, numeric, compatible with Windows or Mac, with low prices from 20 euros and more expensive for more than 100 euros.

3 – Mouse. The same thing that happens with the keyboard happens with the mouse. Regarding the mouse, it is even more important to assess whether we prefer it wired or wireless. In addition, the size and shape are more relevant, since they can cause discomfort or be unsuitable for transport. “And if you ever notice arm strain, you might want an ergonomic mouse (or vertical mouse). It’s hard at first to get used to the way you use it, but in a few days you’ll get the hang of it.”

4 – Monitor. Not so essential, but very helpful to see the information in a larger size. An extra screen can also help increase productivity and shorten processes. Here, several combinations open up: a screen that replaces the laptop screen, a screen that complements the laptop screen, and even two screens that replace or complement the laptop screen.

5 – Headphones with microphone. If you have to answer many calls or meetings at work, a headset with a microphone will be a great complement, since it will improve the quality of the sound you receive and emit. In addition, it offers the advantage of not having to hold the phone by hand.

6 – Ergonomic chair. If you are going to spend a lot of time sitting, an ergonomic chair is essential to avoid back problems. These types of chairs allow you to adjust various parameters to achieve the most appropriate posture, such as the backrest, arms or seat height. “If when you correctly adjust the height of the chair to have your arms at 90 degrees with the keyboard and have the monitor at eye level you do not reach the ground with your feet, you will need one last accessory, a footrest,” details OCU. According to the organization, it is possible to find a good chair from 150 euros.

7 – Footrest. Finally, this accessory will allow, together with a good chair, to maintain a perfect posture, by allowing the legs to be placed at 90 degrees with respect to the seat. This product can be found from 20 euros. “The specific products are more sophisticated and allow you to adjust the inclination of the base, but you can perfectly use a box with books, a child’s booster or anything else you can think of to raise your feet those few centimeters you lack for the correct posture” advises the organization.

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