The Silicon Valley Bank drama has hurt many big companies.  Apple is still the safe bet

If you want to invest in a company you have to know it well, know its strategy so that you can see if you can trust it in the short and/or long term. It is basic for anyone looking to buy and sell shares, because in times like these it can help you minimize losses.

Any investor will know what has happened to the Silicon Valley Banka bank in which many startups they had their money in and whose fall has shaken the world markets, also reaching to Credit Suisse. The stock markets have reacted with falls, but there has hardly been a change if we look at Apple shares.

“The best company to navigate this storm”

Gene Muster, a well-known Deepwater Asset Management analyst for his experience with Apple, has commented on CNBC (above video) that Apple may be the appropriate stock market value for the next six months. “It’s probably the one that’s doing the best job navigating this storm, it’s the safest place for at least the next six months.”

For our part, we have also reported some signs that indicate a certain strength: while the rest of the technology companies apply thousands of layoffs, Apple has simply decided to grow at a slower pace. Tim Cook’s salary has been lowered, and employee bonuses have been redistributed to better manage money.

You also have to think about the fact that we are facing a very interesting 2023 for Apple: in addition to the iPhone 15, we should also see the company’s first mixed reality viewer, which should give a ball in the industry and cause an increase in the value of the shares.

At the end of the year we will see if investing in Apple has paid off, but for now the feelings are good. Or at least, better than investments in other technology.

Image | Miguel Lopez with Midjourney

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