The Palmashow: “Our football sketches are all shitty”

In an interview for in 2013, you presented yourself as supporters of PSG. Is it still the case ten years later?

Gregory: Yes, to death. But hey, when you watch the games… It’s like someone in your family busting your balls, but you still love them. There is something you don’t understand.

David: He’s the annoying cousin. Me, I have also always liked the SCO of Angers, because I am from there. And this year, it’s horrible, nothing is going well. But whether it’s for PSG or SCO, it always comes from above. In Angers, everything started to blow up when there were dirty stories with the president of the club. As there are internal things, it plagues the club, and I have the impression that Paris is the same.

Gregory: It was Thomas Ngijol who said it very well: PSG is the catch-all of old glories. Beckham, Ramos, Messi, all that is good, but you have to have them when they are at the top.

David: Against Bayern(1), when you see the changes they make, it doesn’t stop, there are only beasts in front. And us, if a player is injured, it’s a U15 who comes off the bench!

Gregory: “Did you come by bus? Come on, come in! »

Where do you watch the matches?

David: We really went to rue Rodier, in Paris, to a bar called La Baze, because we were friends with a guy at the bar. And the Multiplex too.

Gregory: We have small children now, so it’s also cool to focus on the game at home, with the kids.

And they, will they be supporters of Paris?

David: Mine has not yet understood why Mbappé was playing for France And Paris. And that there was Messi. He saw France-Argentina, then he saw a Paris match with Messi and Mbappé playing together…

Gregory: I understand that it is complicated for children. They say to themselves: “Paris is France, Madrid is Spain. »

David: “Yes but forget your geography…”

Gregory: And then Madrid, we don’t want to talk about it either. They beat Liverpool 5-2(1)

You also have this Liverpool side, Grégoire.

Gregory: To death too. It’s a disaster, but these are periods, cycles. What I like about this club is that you never know, they are capable of anything. There reassembled against Barcelona, ​​nobody believed it. As long as there is life, there is hope.

David: That’s a lot of disappointments, with the World Cup…

Gregory: But what a great disappointment! We lived through a Greek tragedy, a saga. I was with my parents in Burgundy, we were with the family. We lived 80 excruciating minutes, we got busted, then there is the awakening, with the magic of football we know that there will be 2-2, and then there is the goal that we know.

David: And then there is Kolo Muani…

Gregory: Whore ! It gives me chills just talking about it.

David: I watched it with lots of friends, it was great because there were the football fans from the start, and the footix. This one, he wanted to break, and the real football fan said to him: “No, you stay, a match is played until the 90e. »

And you, are you footix or real fans?

Gregory: I’ve been following football for a long time, and as long as it’s not whistled, you can still believe it.

David: I’ve been watching football for a long time, but I’m not as much as Grégoire.

Ten years ago, you regretted not having a friend in football to invite you to the stadium. Has it evolved since?

Gregory: We have a few friends who know the world of football, but we use it blah. We really enjoyed it not long ago because PSG invited us against Toulouse. We said to ourselves that we weren’t going to go to the square, because there’s no right for teenagers under fifteen, and we wanted to take the little ones. They were super nice, we were placed right next to the PSG bench. We only wanted Christophe Galtier to look at us and say to him: “Christophe, let us in, damn it! »

David: The big moment is seeing Messi coming in three meters away from us, and my five-year-old son screaming: “Messi! »

Gregory: It transforms them.

All the comedies where you want to treat football in a somewhat fictionalized way don’t work.

Are there any football comedies that have marked you?

Gregory: Didier, Yes ! But all the comedies where you want to treat football in a somewhat fictional way, it doesn’t work.

David: Shaolin Soccerit’s funny.

Gregory: Yes, because there really is a concept. But if you look at others like Goal!, The Lords, Three Zeros… Yes, I laughed in front of Three Zeros !

David: We were talking about it recently. We love football, we did about fifteen sketches on football, and each time it’s missed.

You are not satisfied with it?

Gregory: They are all shit. When you film football, there is still a know-how.

David: It’s a real job.

Gregory: If you see the guy running, then you switch to a shot of the ball, see the guy juggle, etc. anyway it’s wrong, it’s failed, you absolutely do not believe it. The goal is to write a comedy about football where football is implicit, in the background, as in Didier. With a real story and a football atmosphere. There it works.

At the time of Very Bad Jokes, there was football.

Gregory: That’s what we’re talking about. There is something credible to bring, that we haven’t really had time to work on. It was at times when we were shooting sketches in spades. A sketch on a bench, it’s funny a bench! Except there’s something wrong. It should have been written differently. From the start, we were on the wrong track, and when you watch the sketch, it shows.

We took this character (by Laurent Paganelli) and that’s it. Even he saw it, and he tweeted at the time, it made him laugh.

You have in any case kept the imitation of Paga, but this time in rugby.

Gregory: Of course. But there, it is the character!

David: It made us laugh to tell us that when you listen to rugby players tell you about their match, you don’t understand anything either, just like Laurent Paganelli when he interviews. It was that crossover.

Gregory: We took this character and that’s it. Even he saw it, and I remember he tweeted at the time, it made him laugh.

Have you already met him?

David: No, but that would be fun.

Gregory: Make the Avengers, with Alexandre Ruiz. He is referred to in The stars. It is a world that fascinates us.

At the Canal Champions Club, you see that they are super badly seated. It’s like on RMC, with Emmanuel Petit who was on the edge of the bench. They have a couch problem on these shows.

Are there any football shows you would like to parody today? A AfterFor example…

Gregory: Yes, After ! We did a parody at the time called “Foot Pro”. We played the host who didn’t really know where to turn and who neglected the girls a bit.

David: But there was still something that didn’t work.

Gregory: It’s writing, it had been written in a hurry. But today, you can do good parody on football shows, there’s plenty to do.

David: Football is a technical thing. To make it funny, I don’t know. I looked at the set of Champions Club channel, and I don’t know, there’s something wrong. You see that they are super badly seated. It’s like on RMC, with Emmanuel Petit who was on the edge of the bench, they were all badly installed. They have a couch problem on these shows.

Gregory: These are shows that I watch, it’s captivating. But sometimes there is a side that is too serious. It’s still football, it’s still sport.

David: You have to put a camera in a PMU, it will be much better I think.

If you were a duo on the pitch, what kind of duo would you be?

Gregory: Today, we would be good libero and stopper, because that’s it, we have 40 years, we do the job behind, big tackles and it’s over. But otherwise at the time, I would say a little Suárez and Gerrard.

David: Or Waddle and Papin.

Gregory: He was super Waddle, a bit eccentric. There it is not seen, but I have a brush in the summer. A little Ginola-Weah, too. Or the PP gunslingers! With Cyrille Pouget and Robert Pirès.

David: That’s right. (Laughs.)

You are both from Yvelines. Do you know that FC Versailles may go up to Ligue 2?

Gregory: Of course, we followed. I know that Alban Ivanov, who is also from Yvelines, goes to see the matches.

David: In Ligue 2, it would be crazy. We could go to games. It would be cool, I could go see the SCO against Versailles!

And the players of today who make you love, who are they?

David: Upamecano against Paris, I loved it.

Gregory: I am a fan of Sadio Mané. He’s a complete attacker, a great guy. In any match, if there is Sadio in the team, you can go.

David: He’s a guy with integrity in what he does.

Gregory: And then I really like Florent Mollet. I don’t know why, when he was in Montpellier I liked him, now he is in Nantes. It’s not Neymar, and his name is reminiscent of a little egg… I’m still going to talk about Liverpool, but I like Darwin Núñez, too.

David: James Milner makes me laugh, but because I also love the “Boring Milner” account. I really like these player-soldiers.

Gregory: The guys who stay too. Totti at Roma, Gerrard at Liverpool…

David: Lilian Laslandes in Bordeaux!

Gregory: He has a hell of a career. If there was a biopic on Lilian, I would pass the direct casting. It would just be called Lilian.

David: Netflix makes biopics about everything now.

Gregory: Hey, what football player would have the right to a biopic just for his first name?

David: Paul. Gascoigne. There is a dramaturgy that is not just football.

At the same time as your bonus on TF1, there is a Lyon-Nantes on TV. Are you afraid of the competition?

Gregory: Lyon this year, they are difficult to follow. It’s a match where there are not too many stakes, I have the impression.

David: And me, it’s the SCO, so if Nantes loses, I don’t care.

Gregory: Afterwards, it’s always fun to go and see a match at Groupama Stadium. Even though I’ve never been there, and it’s not even my insurance. Stadiums today are just insurance stuff. They should put a statue of Chevallier and Laspalès in front of the Matmut Atlantique! Like Thierry Henry at the Emirates.

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