The call to 911 of the accused of the crime of San Isidro

The following is the full transcript of the first 911 call:

Operator (O): 911, emergencies.

Aldo Di Paolo (ADP): Good evening. Look, I found my mother dead on the floor.

Or: I mean, did you arrive at the house and find her in that situation?

ADP: Yes, I was going to tell him that tomorrow we were going to go to the doctor to do an analysis. He took a bath or something…

O: Listen, tell me, in what town are you?

ADP: I’m in San Isidro.

O: In which streets?

ADP: At 1,314 Nicolás Avellaneda street, between San José and Herrera.

O: How old is she?

ADP: 91, he was in a wheelchair.

O: Did a doctor confirm the death?

ADP: No, she’s purple with purple lips. It is clear that it was not now, but that it will have been this morning…

O: Well, what is your name please?

ADP: It’s Aldo Antonio Di Paolo.

Or: Sir, I hung up with you, wait for help, I’ll hang up with you and give notice for medical personnel to come out to verify the death.

ADP: Well, I wait in that place.

O: Yes, wait there for help, you know Aldo?

ADP: Done, thanks.

But on the second call, when in the presence of a witness he had seen that his mother had a knife stuck in her neck, the man never reported that situation or that it was an apparent murder, and only remarked that the house was ” riot” and that they had “robbed”.

This contradicts what the defendant declared in his investigation -to which Télam also agreed-, when he affirmed that after the first call, he re-entered the crime scene together with a neighbor, she saw that her mother had a knife stuck in the neck and assured that he called 911 again “to report that they had killed her.”

The transcript of call 2, already made from his mother’s house, is as follows:

O: Hello, what emergency do you have?

ADP: Look, I just called because I found my mother dead in San Isidro.

O: What party is it?

ADP: San Isidro.

O: Tell me the streets.

ADP: Nicolás Avellaneda 1,314, between Herrera and San José. It turns out that I found my mother dead and it turns out that now, looking, I see that they have stolen.

O: Listen, but did this just find you now? Where did you find her dead? In her house?

ADP: Yes, first I went out, I saw her dead, then I went out and called 911. And now I’m back to the numbers…

O: How long ago did you find it, that you arrived at your house?

ADP: Five minutes, ten.

O: A few minutes ago, a little bit, just…

ADP: Yes, recently. I saw her, I saw that she was dead and then I went back to my house, which is one block away, I called 911 and from there I came here. And now looking, I see that everything is mixed up and that they have robbed him.

O: wait for me…

ADP: Yes… Because first they told me that they were going to send a doctor to verify, but there is also the issue of theft.

O: The house was in a mess and things have been broken.

ADP: How?

Wait for me… well, I’ll cut you off and transmit the emergency, wait for help.

ADP: Well, thank you.


De Vincentiis was found murdered around 8:30 p.m. on March 8 at her home at 1314 Avellaneda Street in Las Lomas de San Isidro, with a knife stuck in her neck.

Although the initial hypothesis was that of a homicide during the robbery in the context of an entrance, the prosecutor ordered the arrest of the son, based on a series of contradictions of a key video that incriminated him, since she determined that it was the only person to enter and leave the crime scene.

At the home of the man now accused of matricide, at 886 Herrera Street, the Police seized 3,000 dollars, 900,000 pesos, two tablets, a notebook, two cell phones and a cushion with apparent blood stains.

The forensics determined that the woman’s body was moved from place at the crime scene, and the prosecution’s suspicion is that it was her son who did it, the only one arrested in the case, when on the day of the discovery he allegedly set up the scene of a theft.

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