Some find it “macabre”: Why “stern TV” presenter Hallaschka puts a coffin in his study

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“stern TV” presenter Steffen Hallaschka and Olivia Jones devote themselves to the topic of death in an extraordinary documentary series. They stage their own funeral service, work at the undertaker’s and even design their own coffins.

In the new documentary series “Dying for Beginners” Steffen Hallaschka (51) and Olivia Jones (53) deal with the topic of dying and death. They ask themselves the question: “What is it like to die?” And: “What happens after death?” The popular TV stars take unusual paths: They plan their own funeral – and also take part in it. What’s more, they make their own coffins. “stern TV” presenter Hallaschka puts his in the study.

Olivia Jones and Steffen Hallaschka want to get the subject of death out of the taboo zone

In the RTL + documentation, Hallaschka and Jones want to take away fears of contact. The presenter and the drag queen want to take away the fear of death from the viewers – and themselves. You have to accept him and look him in the face. Then he loses some of his terror,” says Hallaschka. The former jungle candidate sees it similarly: “We all have to die. But it’s important to enjoy what’s before – life.”

“stern TV” presenter makes his own coffin and puts it in the study

When someone dies, it not only means a particularly difficult time for the bereaved, but also work. Among other things, the funeral must be planned. That’s why the TV duo dares to do their own funeral service. Olivia Jones wants a particularly “unique” one: “For funerals, it’s all about the staging. And the mourners who come to me are like my guests on the last ‘Olivia Jones’ show.”

“The funeral is the grand finale,” Jones said. She became aware of this when she was at the funeral of actor Jan Fedder, which he staged himself. “And that was extremely touching,” reported Olivia Jones on RTL.

“Some people have told me how macabre that is.”

In order to get the topic of death out of the taboo zone, the two go further unusual ways. Hallaschka even makes his own coffin for the documentary series, and Olivia paints hers brightly colored. The “stern TV” moderator told in the RTL interview : “Some people have really told me how macabre, how morbid it is to build your coffin. And it’s not that.”

While doing the carpentry, he realized that he was not only building this coffin for the documentary, but that it should really be his coffin. He thought: “If you build a coffin now, that’s what it will be.” Then you already have it,” explained the 51-year-old. Then at home “on day X nobody has to worry anymore”.

And Hallaschka’s coffin is not stowed away in the basement, but has a prominent place in his home. “He comes upright into my study, I still have to put floors in, then wine bottles come in,” he revealed. For the time being he finds “a joyful use”.

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