Poland to deliver fighter jets to Ukraine, will be the first NATO country to do so

And to see if other members of NATO do not follow in the footsteps of Poland (it is very likely that they do), because that it would mean raising the level of tension in the Russia-Ukraine war.

The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, announced the sending of four fighter jets to Ukraine. They are some planes that have been stored there since 1990, but even so, it does not look like a move that Russia takes very lightly.

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President Duda clarified that although the ships have been inherited by East Germany since the 1990s and are almost “retired”, they are not junk at all: to date, they are piloted by the East German armed forces.

Those MiGs are still in service with the Polish Air Force.. These are the last years of exploitation of these devices, which remain operational for the most part“, said the president of Poland at a press conference offered together with his counterpart from the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel.

“A Ukrainian marine finishes preparing a T-64 tank for action on February 15, 2023 in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine.” Photo: John Moore-Getty Images.

According to President Duda, the planes will be delivered to Ukraine in the coming days. There will be four of the 15 that Poland has… but they are about to be renewed by some FA-50 acquired from South Korea.

Poland increases NATO involvement in the war

Surely it is already budgeted for, but, although it seems that the gift is only to make room in the garage for its new planes, what Poland will do will significantly elevate the way in which NATO countries support Ukraine in the war against Russia.

Photo: @US_EUCOM

Ukraine has long requested fighter jets from its alliesTherefore, other NATO countries are expected to copy what Poland has done and, thus, a counteroffensive against Russia is launched from kyiv.

In accordance with The Guardian, the delivery of planes from Poland to Ukraine is not surprising much either. For a year he asked the United States government for support for it. At that time, the Polish government wanted its planes to reach the US airbase located in Ramstein, Germany, from there to go to Ukraine. However, the United States denied permission.

Poland will offer combat aircraft to Ukraine / Photo: Omar Marques-Getty Images.

Other countries that have discussed the possibility of offering combat aircraft to Ukraine are Slovakia, Finland and the Netherlands.. For its part, the United States has always been in the negative… and not because it “ache achi” wants to get more involved in the war against Russia (according to), but because it says that it is nothing more than handing them over… no, it requires offering training, like that as ground support so that Ukraine has the runways that this type of aircraft needs.

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