'Pasapalabra' pulverizes its audience record with Rafa's boat and brings 'Survivientes 2023' to a minimum

Great data was expected, but probably not that high. Pass word This Thursday he achieved what no other entertainment format has achieved for years: to destroy with total forcefulness. Roberto Leal’s contest brought together more than 4.5 million viewers (4,578,000), which translated into an overwhelming 37.4% of share half. With this quota, last night’s delivery becomes the most competitive of the format in its almost 23-year history.

As for spectators, Rafa Castaño’s boat is in second position. It stands as the show’s most viewed jackpot achievement, even surpassing that of Pablo Díaz’s boat (4,348,000), but it fails to reach the 4.8 million that he collected on February 25, 2021. That afternoon, Antena 3 hinted that Pablo Díaz could take it, but it was not So. The expectation was so enormous that that program achieved the most viewed broadcast in history and the one with the highest quota… until now.

The Roberto Leal contest reached 6,715,000 contacts and, in addition, enjoyed a loyalty rate of 68.2%, according to the Dos30 consultant. The Antena 3 program scored its golden minute of the day at 11:31 p.m., with 39.8% and 5,022,000 viewers.

Ranking of the most competitive issues

– 03/16/2023 (Antenna 3): 37.4% and 4,578,000 (Bote Rafa, 2,272,000)
– 02/25/2021 (Antenna 3): 31.8% and 4,844,000
– 07/01/2021 (Antena 3): 30.8% and 4,348,000 (Bote Pablo Díaz, 1,828,000)
– 04/29/2019 (Telecinco): 30.6% and 3,358,000 (8th duel Orestes-Jero)
– 07/01/2021 (Antenna 3): 30.5% and 2,753,000 (Special)
– 12/12/2001 (Antena 3): 28.5% and 3,202,000 (Rafael Moreno Boat, 433,000)

By territories, Pass word dazzled in Castilla y León (47.4%), Castilla La Mancha (46.6%), Aragón (44.4%), Rest (40.7%), Asturias (40.4%), Murcia (40, 3%), Andalusia (39.8%), Galicia (39.2%), Valencian Community (37.7%). Below the average (37.4%), but with exceptional records, were Madrid (36.9%), the Balearic Islands (35.6%), the Basque Country (31.6%), and the Canary Islands (27.1%). and Catalonia (27%).

‘Pasapalabra’ curve. Rafa Castaño boat. (Two30′)

Before delivering the boat, the chain issued the anthill. Pablo Motos’ program was fully benefited from the strategy designed by Antena 3, so much so that signed the maximum season last night with brutal data: 23.5% share. The program was seen by an average of 3,522,000 viewers and added 7,614,000 unique contacts. In addition, in the commercial target, the most interesting for advertisers, it achieved 23.1%.

What boat will ‘Pasapalabra’ start with this Friday? The substantial change of Antena 3

By Xavier Miguel

in the afternoon strip, at 8:00 p.m., Antena 3 programmed a special delivery dedicated to Rafa and Orestes. Although some thought that the average of the chain could fall and, incidentally, boost Chain Reaction, the truth is that it also swept. Pass word signed a fantastic 27.2% at its usual time, after attracting almost 3.2 million followers (3,189,000).

The reality of Telecinco, minimum of season

The third gala of survivors he dropped 2.2 points this week, posting his worst mark of the season. The Telecinco reality show suffered competition from Pass word and scored 14% with less than 1.4 million followers (1,387,000). Jorge Javier Vázquez’s space added 4,534,000 contacts and scored 14.5% in the target commercial. once finished Pass wordstarting at 00:08, the gala of survivors It raised its share to 21.4% with 1,201,000 viewers.

hearings of Survivors 2023

– Gala 1 (02/03/2023): 1.621.000 (15,6%)
– Gala 2 (09/03/2023): 1.700.000 (17,7%)
– Gala 3 (16/03/2023): 1.387.000 (14%)

Photo: Promotional image of 'The hunt.  Guadiana'.  (RTVE)
‘The hunt. Guadiana’, an anecdotal entertainment with a studied formula

Alberto Richart

Much worse things went for Televisión Española with the premiere of The hunt. Guadiana. The third season of the fiction began its journey on the grid of La 1 with a discreet 6.2% (910,000), which represents a significant loss of audience with respect to the premieres of its two previous seasons. However, the DLO Producciones fiction added 126,000 deferred viewers yesterday.

– Season 1 (03/25/2019): 2,400,000 and 15.2%
– Season 2 (01/13/2021): 1,372,000 and 8%
– Season 3 (03/16/2023): 910,000 and 6.2%

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