Nail color carries more meaning than you might expect.  That's how people perceive you

Although we often choose it under the influence of the moment or the trends prevailing in a given season, it says more about us than it might seem. Check how others can perceive you based on the color of your nails and what meaning lies behind it.

  • The color we paint our nails often reflects our character
  • The choice of a specific color of varnish can affect how other people perceive us
  • Sensitive and romantic, or maybe brave and determined? Check what lies behind the individual shades of nail polishes
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It is not without reason that so much is said today about colors and their hidden meaning. As it turns out, many of them are closely related to certain character traitssuch as self-confidence, determination or sensitivity. When reaching for a given color, it is worth looking at its characteristics and checking how other people may perceive us.

Timeless red

Associated with elegance, self-confidence, determination and decisiveness. By betting on red, you signal that you are a firm woman with high self-esteem. Red is also seen as a symbol of risk and courage in making decisions. It complements a strong personality that others will notice from a distance. It’s a shade you can’t pass by indifferently.

Staid beige

The color of success and naturalness. The ladies who choose it are fans of classics and safe, subdued shades. In their environment, they are perceived as elegant, self-possessed and trustworthy. Beige is also associated with the responsibility associated with the legal and medical professions. It shows the professionalism of its owner.

Elegant nails / Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

Photo: Pexels

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Romantic pink

Do you often reach for roses? Your friends may see you as a romantic who is no stranger to helping and sensitivity. This shade of dreamers and good soulswho fall in love quickly and boldly express their feelings. Women who like pink will also be perfect for creative work, free from clichés and paths. Their optimistic nature allows them to easily make new contacts and make their dreams come true.

Thoughtful blue

The color of reason, passion and innovation. Women who opt for blue are considered intelligent, dedicated to work and making prudent, responsible decisions. They are no strangers to in-depth analyzes and a practical approach to life. Nails in the color of water and sky are also a reflection of a strong personality that does not look for shortcuts.

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Mysterious black

Nails painted black the quintessence of strength, determination and perfectionism. This is the color that will be chosen by women who are aware of their strengths and attract the eyes of others. Wearing such a manicure, you can be perceived as a brave person, ready for new challenges. Black also hides a secret that not everyone has the courage to discover.

Calm green

Green symbolizes harmony, peace and security. The ladies appearing in it are perceived as calm and honest. Caring for the planet and other people is their middle name. Green is also the color of regeneration and rest. It is most often used by people who are filled with peace and the ability to listen.

Green nails symbolize peace / Getty Images / Beeldbewerking

Green nails symbolize peace / Getty Images / Beeldbewerking

Photo: Getty Images

Energy yellow

Although it was once considered the color of envy, yellow is now associated with good energy and optimism. Women who opt for neon shades are perceived as the souls of the party. With their extraordinary personality, they are able not only to make others feel better, but also to provide a large dose of entertainment.

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Sensual violet

A shade of ladies, queens and splendour. It is a color that shows extraordinary grace, sophistication and leadership skills. Women wearing it are sensual and graceful. They know perfectly well how to behave in a given situation and use their strengths. They are eager to explore knowledge in various fields.

Melancholic grey

It lies between white and black and shows a tendency to overthinking. If you opt for a gray manicure, you can be perceived as a melancholy person who longs for something strongly. It also symbolizes great sensitivity and empathy, as well as difficulties in making decisions.

Pristine white

The color of perfectionists. Wearing white nails, you certainly attach great importance to their impeccable performance. It is a symbol of impeccability, innocence and goodness. Presenting him in the company, you can be perceived as a well-bred person, worldly.


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