Marvel kills Venom, but he's coming back in a way you don't expect

Venom is dead in Marvel Comics, but the franchise could bring him back in some pretty amazing fashion.

Venom has died in one of Marvel’s most recent comics, but it could return in a way you don’t expect.

Venom has managed to establish itself as one of the most outstanding villains of the Marvel Universe, to the point that the franchise to which he belongs has even made two films starring him, something that has not been done with any other villain. This symbiote has shown a good and great evolution since its beginnings in Marvel.

Since his inception, Venom has displayed certain villainous tendencies, as well as possessing a part of himself that wishes to propel him towards the paths of heroism. It is therefore that He is considered by many as an antiheroinstead of a villain.

Although the franchise to which this character belongs has been in charge of giving Venom a very good history and representation as an antihero, in one of its most recent comics, Marvel Has Killed Venom, but there is a chance that it will return in a totally impressive form. Next, we tell you all the details about it, but you should know that this post contains spoilers for volume #17 of the comic venomfrom Marvel.

Venom has died in a recent comic, but could return unexpectedly

Even though Venom is dead, Marvel could bring him back in surprising form

Even though Venom is dead, Marvel could bring him back in surprising form

The number #17 of the comic venomit sets after the event has finished Dark Web, in the comic Dark Web: Finale, volume #1. Venom was involved in said Spider-Man event, in the battle against Madelyne Pryor and Ben Reilly, Chasm.

In said event, Eddie finds himself on Madelyne and Chasm’s side, as Bedlam, his form in which all his anger and aggression is concentrated. At a certain point in the issue, Ben Reilly takes the Scythe of Sorrows, and opens a portal with it, sending him to the depths of Limbo by the Abyss.

Once he arrives in Limbo in his Bedlam form, where he has been banished, he is confronted by Darkoth, former ruler of the place where they are, and after a complicated fight, he is finally defeated after Darkoth will plunge the Sword of Soul right into his chest..

After this, Eddie returns to his human form, and continues to fall towards “the next place”until reaching a kind of lake, in which he suddenly hears a voice pronouncing his name, to later see an irradiating light, and discover that it is a severed hand of Venom that will guide him by the “path of the magician”.

This is an allusion to what was said at the beginning of the number, which “Eddie needs a hand”, and literally a hand is what will help himand will guide you to decide between the path of “White Magic”, which is described as “that which tries to remake the world”, and “Black Magic”, defined as “that which works in the world and for the world”. ”.

One aspect to take into account is the fact that Eddie/Bedlam, has recently lost his right eyeand surely you will ask yourself: “what does that have to do with the death of Venom and his possible return?”, And then we will explain it to you.

How could Venom return?

In this way, Venom could return in Marvel Comics

In this way, Venom could return in Marvel Comics

In both Marvel and Norse mythology, there are two characters who lose an eye before receiving a great charge of knowledge and powerthat is, a kind of “power-up”. Said characters are odin and thor.

Odin, in the MCU, in the movie Thorloses his eye as a result of his fight against Laufey, the king of the Frost Giants. In the comics, Odin throws his right eye into the well of Mimir, who possessed great knowledge, so by sacrificing his eye, he gained much wisdom. In mythology, the story is quite similar to what happened in the comics, as Odin sacrifices his eye in exchange for infinite knowledge.

Now, as far as Thor is concerned, in the MCU, in Thor: Ragnarok, confronts his sister Hela, and loses his eye. In the comics, Thor finds himself nailed to the world tree known as Yggdrasil, aiming to gain greatness from the Almighty Father, and his eye burns.

Odin and Thor in Marvel comics once they lost their eyes

Odin and Thor in Marvel comics once they lost their eyes

This could imply that Marvel plans give eddie a power upbeing the loss of his eye an indication of this, as has happened with Odin and Thor both in Norse mythology and in Marvel Comics and in the UCM.

It is therefore that fans should not lose hope of that Venom will return unexpectedly in Marvel Comicshaving obtained new abilities or qualities that are probably magical powers.

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