Klage gegen den MDR: Beitrag hatte

17 mar 2023 10:07 p.m

The Bild newspaper and the public broadcasters ARD and MDR continue to stand by Ukraine’s side in their reporting. Author Uli Gellermann recognizes the beginnings of hate speech in an MDR report and sues the broadcaster.

By Uli Gellermann

All the media happily reported: “Let the Russians kill, torture and rape Ukrainians.” This is the serious insult to Sarah Wagenknecht and Alice Schwarzer by Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister. As if the two women and the many people at the Berlin peace demonstration had called for rape. Not one of the media disputed this monstrosity.

Editor’s Note: The entire Kuleba quote of the conversation moment in the frame of a interviews with the Bild newspaper reads:

“I think these people have to be honest and they have to rewrite their slogans, instead of advertising under the slogan ‘Stop the war! No arms sales’, they should write what they really mean: Let the Russians kill, torture and rape Ukrainians , because if we don’t have weapons to defend ourselves, that’s what will happen.I assure you that every single Ukrainian, even the soldier in the trenches who kills the Russian soldier who is attacking him at that moment, wants more peace as the most peaceful demonstrator at the Brandenburg Gate.”

As vile as possible

You had under the leadership of ARD/of MDR started as meanly as possible when, against all media rights, the first signatories of the “Manifesto for Peace” were written to individually and tried to get the “Manifesto to be classified as right and to persuade the signatories to withdraw their consent. The parallel search for “rights” did not serve the purpose of finding the truth, but rather of manipulation and hate speech.

The “proof at the edge of the demo”

A classic of “evidence” was the assertion of MDR in his letter to the first signatories: “On the sidelines of the demo, Rüdiger Hoffmann, convicted of setting fire to a home for asylum seekers, gave a long speech to people who ran to the demo and when they left the event. According to one Spiegel journalist he is said to have made criminally relevant allegations.”

On the edge of the demo: That’s enough for him MDR for his evil allegations. And then he pushes an anonymous journalist who is said to have heard something.

Offense of “incitement of the people”

Since this form of “reporting” has nothing to do with journalism, there must be another reason for these insinuations and slanders. The Criminal Code shows that the offense of “incitement of the people” is fulfilled with the quoted campaign: “Anyone who incites hatred against parts of the population in a way that is likely to disturb the public peace” is engaged in “incitement of the people” according to Section 130 of the Criminal Code. Because of this crime, the fee payer Uli Gellermann shows the rushing transmitter MDR and ARD at.

Donate to this justice campaign

An entire law firm has been found – for tactical reasons the name of the firm is not being given at this time – that is willing to represent the fee payer Uli Gellermann in court. But this office also has to pay rent and salaries. That’s why Uli Gellermann calls on his website to donate to this justice campaign. In order to avoid any confusion about the use of the donations, a lawyer’s escrow account was set up. Money in “escrow accounts” must be used in trust.

It’s about fairness and transparency

Of course, the account is accounted for at intervals. And when it has served its purpose and there is still money left in the account, the rest of the money will be donated to a good public cause: the opposition media portal “apolute“. Because the author is concerned with justice and the greatest possible transparency. The rest of the donations would go to “apolute” at a good address.

hope for public resonance

No one can predict if and when a court will be found that will accept a lawsuit against the public octopus. But Gellermann and his lawyers take up the fight. In the hope that this fight will find a public resonance that contributes to justice in the long run.

Uli Gellerman is a filmmaker and journalist. His media criticism is based on his experiences with public broadcasters. He is the publisher of the website RATIONAL GALLERY.

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