Jessica Errero revient sur les conséquences de son empoisonnement encore présentes aujourd’hui

W9 has finally broadcast the episode of Apprentice Adventurers in which Jessica Errero chewed a poisonous plant, poisoning her and her partner Fanny Salvat. The difference is that the latter had the reflex to immediately rinse her mouth, which Jessica Errero did not.

Today, she looks back on this episode which still has consequences in her daily life.

Jessica Errero and Fanny Salvat @Instagram

A burn that could have cost him his life

It’s on his TikTok account that Jessica Errero claimed to have had third-degree burns. She shared a photo of the inside of her mouth right after chewing the poison, and it is very impressive.

When I had this moment when I chewed this plant, I didn’t rinse myself directly because I had an anxiety attack, so I kept it for long minutes in my mouth until it provoked this burn, and at the same time I had angioedema.

Jessica Errero saw many specialists in France without being able to eat cold or hot for two long months. She subsequently developed glossodynia.

It got on my nerves. Because of the shock and trauma I had, my brain sends bad information and it tingles me all the time.

she said before adding:

Today I still can’t eat ultra hot, I still can’t drink fizzy soda, I can’t eat spicy food, I’ve since quit smoking, I don’t drink alcohol anymore. My whole life changed based on that.

She responds to haters

Some people have thought of a buzz shot, to which she then replies:

I would have clearly preferred it to be comedy!

She added:

Today I’m going to see a shrink about that.

Finally, for those who claimed karma took care of her for refusing to share her food in the adventure game, here’s what she had to say:

For those who say karma for a story in a competition where I did not want to share rice, lentils. The word is big knowing that I could have died. But it does not matter. It’s still people I don’t know behind their phones so I don’t really care.

If Jessica Errero is much better today, she is still suffering the consequences of this poisoning which could leave traces for life.

Even today it’s something that weighs on me morally (…) it still tingles my tongue, palate and throat. (…) I still have these kinds of holes in my throat that hurt me. Since I didn’t rinse myself directly, it burned the whole esophagus. Maybe it will go away one day, maybe it won’t.

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