"I don't want them to think that he's right": Santiago Segura explains why he hasn't made 'Torrente 6' yet and announces a new comedy with Leo Harlem

Maybe some of you remember the beginnings of Santiago Segura, when he recorded underground shorts in the style of ‘Evilio’ and ‘Perturbado’ and that started going to TV game shows to earn enough money and to finance his first film surrounded by cronies. ‘Torrente, the stupid arm of the law’ was a huge hit that Segura promised he would not get off until it stopped being a success. Said and done: ‘Torrente 5’ It was the biggest failure of the saga and he went on to do other things. But… Has the time come to bring him back?

Shall we do some sequels?

It has to be said that when the director got off ‘Torrente’, many of us were moved thinking about what he could do from that moment on with a talent raised in gore and the underground. The answer was ‘Father there is only one’ and ‘Full speed! Destination Asturias’, which was as understandable as… frankly disappointing (for an adult audience, of course, not for the box office where each of his films is pure gold dust).

That’s why It is not uncommon for them to ask him about a possible ‘Torrente 6’ in the world of rac1. The answer, negative. Torrente was born as a parody 25 years ago, but now there are too many Torrents out there that aren’t funny at all. “I want them to laugh at him, not think he’s right”, he said, confirming our suspicions: now there would be a good handful of people who would sympathize with him excessively. Well, there always really was: those people who didn’t laugh at the same thing as you in the jokes of ‘Torrente’.

It is not the only thing that Segura laments, who has the feeling that political correctness has been greatly limited, and has led to a rebound effect from the extreme right. In case there were any doubts, he has stated that “all extremes are bad.”

However, he does not close the door, and He affirms that before he dies he will make another ‘Torrente’. But it won’t be soon: his next film will be titled ‘Summer Vacation’ and he will star in himself and Leo Harlem, two friends who have to take care of their children while they work temporary in a luxury hotel. It is what it is.

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