How to read messages without entering WhatsApp: the definitive trick so that you do not get caught online

WhatsApp has allowed us to be constantly connected with our friends, family or coworkers, however, there are times when for whatever reason we do not want to answer them, but we are interested in what they have told us. Here you have two options, open the chat and leave that person in read or apply this simple trick that can get you out of more than one trouble.

Unlike the option to read messages from the notifications section, this trick allows you to read the full text and does not cut off after a long sentence or something similar, it also has the advantage that it is a tool already integrated into your smartphone and no matter what model you have, you will be able to activate it.

And there are times when being online and not answering someone can bill usso it never hurts to know how to use this tool, called whatsapp widget.

A widget is an applet or program that serve as tools for speed up and facilitate access to certain functions of different applications. In the case of the messaging app, this widget allows you to have quick access to the messages you receive, if you can’t answer them, just read them.

Steps to follow to activate it

The first thing you have to do is have the latest app update available, once you have ensured this, the following will be find a spot on any of your home screens of your mobile and click on them.

At that moment, a menu with several options, but you have to look for the section Widgets and once here go down until you find the one of WhatsAppalthough there are many others.

When you have selected the WhatsApp option in the chosen space, a little box with the symbol of the messaging app. And from that very moment, every time you receive a whatsapp it will appear there, so that you can read it without appearing online and without anyone knowing that you have read it.

The only downside to this trick is that the widget only supports and displays a maximum of six alerts simultaneouslyso if for any reason you exceed this number you will not be able to read the messages.

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