He Alice in Wonderland syndrome is a pathology little known but real that can affect the way the people perceive the world around them.

It is syndrome is named after the famous work of Lewis Carrollin which Alicia experience a series of perceptual distortions after drinking and eating certain substances.

Although Carroll’s work may have been influenced by his own perceptual experienceshe syndrome of Alice in Wonderland it is a serious medical condition that can have a variety of causes and is not limited to the literature.

40 different types of visual distortions

He Alice syndrome can file up to 40 different types of visual distortions.

Some patients may experience addition o removal of body partssuch as shortened arms or elongated legs.

others can perceive objects or people as if I know move to one speed unusually slow or fastor even completely still.

Also, some may experience hearing distortionssuch as hearing people speak in an unusually slow or fast tone.

Causes of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Las causes of the Alice in Wonderland syndrome remain unknown.

It is believed that the condition may be related to epilepsyhe substance abuselas migraineseye diseases and psychiatric disorders such as depression and schizophrenia.

has also been associated with some infections such as Lymethe flu H1N1 and the Coxsackievirus B1as well as with neurodegenerative diseases like the disease of Creutzfeldt-Jakob.

A difficult but important diagnosis

The diagnosis and recognition of the Alice in Wonderland syndrome can be a real challenge for doctors.

According to Jan Dirk Blom, professor of clinical psychology, the recognition of this condition has hardly improved in recent decades.

However, it is important that physicians take patients with these symptoms seriously. symptoms and undergo a thorough evaluation to rule out possible underlying causes.

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