There are always candidates who rush to a foreign country for love in the VOX documentary “Goodbye Germany”. But rarely was emigration as chaotic as it was with Sandra Zeppin, who wanted to move into the ten square meter room of her dream man and experienced various surprises.

“I’m already counting the hours, the minutes…” Sandra Zeppin (35) from Hamburg could hardly wait in the current episode of the VOX docu-soap “Goodbye Germany” to finally hug her dream man Emre Aytekin (32) again to be able to close.

Five months earlier, the hotel employee had met the musician and singer in a tourist bar in Side, Turkey, fell in love at first sight, since then spent a total of ten weeks in Turkey – and decided to emigrate.

“Are you a little blue-eyed?” The VOX reporter said what many thought in front of the television, but Sandra was sure of her cause: No, she wasn’t blue-eyed. “I know exactly what I want.”

Namely: get married, have children, the full program. But first there were a few hurdles to overcome…

“Goodbye Germany” emigrant experiences chaos exit

For example, during her previous stay in Turkey, she had overstayed her residence permit by two days and then received a letter. She would have to pay the equivalent of a fine of 78 euros – but would she then be allowed to enter the country?

That depended on the goodwill of the authorities. Worse still, her wallet, including credit and debit cards, passport and birth certificate, which she would need for permanent registration in Turkey, was gone!

At first Sandra thought she had it when she handed over her Apartment let it lie, but that turned out to be a mistake. But where was it then?

At the airport then the next nasty surprise. With her identity card, which she fortunately kept in her cell phone pocket, a departure would be possible, but it turned out that the chaotic Sandra had only reserved her flight, not booked it!

The VOX team has to help out with cash

The “Goodbye Germany” team lent her money for a new ticket – and also the 78 euros that she would have to pay in Turkey. She was lucky there: she was allowed to enter the country after she assured her that she would hand in her passport later. Overjoyed, she was finally reunited with her Emre, and he was also happy: “I missed her so much!”

But was the love big enough for the two of them to live in the run-down ten square meter room that the musician was given by his employer?

After all, it was “right by the sea, so you can go outside,” Sandra said confidently, without knowing what emotional roller coaster ride she would be facing in the coming days…

At first there was reason to be optimistic: an immigration advisor promised to apply for a residence permit for Sandra without papers first, in order to meet the specified ten-day period. In addition, Sandra was allowed to try out work as a promoter for the bar where Emre sang.

And then the surprise: Emre made a romantic marriage proposal to Sandra, including kneeling, fireworks at the table and applause from the bar staff. “I’m overwhelmed!” Sandra cheered.

Sandra gets to know her fiancé from another side

But just a few hours later, she got to know another side of her fiancé: he had fallen out with the manager of the bar, resigned without further ado and decided to return to his hometown of Istanbul immediately. “I’m alone,” he emphasized the next morning, despite Sandra’s assurances that he had her. But last night she was too tired and didn’t listen to him enough, Emre complained. He was just “mad at everyone”.

However, reconciliation followed – and also the move to Istanbul to Emre’s mother, who welcomed the son and future daughter-in-law with open arms. “I love my mother! She’s so cute,” enthused Sandra. And: she found her wallet, which she had put in a side pocket of her bag!

Some time after the shooting, Sandra contacted the “Goodbye Germany” team again. She will get her residency permit and a job in a souvenir shop in – again – Side in April. And their relationship? She was “completely heaven”, the wedding is supposed to take place in the summer! A happy ending that probably nobody would have expected at the beginning of the show…

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