Good morning Mom 3 will it be done?  Elena Bucaccio: "Mediaset would like the third season, there is no shortage of ideas"

Buongiorno Mamma 2 will end with a last “surprising” episode, as assured by the screenwriter Elena Bucaccio in an interview with But will we have to say goodbye to Guido and Anna, played by Raoul Bova and Maria Chiara Giannetta? Good morning Mom 3 will it be done? Bucaccio explained why the hypothesis of the third season is plausible.

Good morning Mom 3 will it be done? Third season hypothesis with Raoul Bova and Maria Chiara Giannetta

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Good morning mom 2the TV series with Raul Bova And Maria Chiara Giannettahas reached the season finale. L’last episode with the highly anticipated epilogue, will be broadcast on Friday 17 March. After the final episode, we will have to say goodbye to I drive And Anna? Good morning mom 3 it will be done or we will have to give up the third season? Elena Bucaccio, screenwriter of the series, spoke about it in an interview with, commented on the success of the fiction and brought to mind the true story of Angela Moroniwhich inspired the plot:

The ending of Buongiorno Mamma 2 will be surprising and comforting, despite being a thriller. Good morning mom 3? The series has its very important conclusion, but in my opinion a third season could be done. Lux Vide loves this fiction very much and Mediaset would also like to do it. If the square was found with the actors, there is no shortage of creativity, ideas and the desire to continue.

Hello Mom, third season hypothesis with Raoul Bova and Giannetta

The last episode of Buongiorno Mamma 2 will air tonight, Friday 17 March. What can we expect from the season finale?

It’s going to be amazing, especially from a character discovery standpoint. You have to expect everything. This season finale will put in a new light those female relationships such as the friendship between Maurizia and Anna and that between Anna and Agata. A world will be created in which you will want to be. A comforting ending, despite being a thriller. Furthermore, the relationship between Vincenzo Colaprico, Guido Borghi and Sole will intensify. A beautiful story, of honest collaboration in this divided paternity. And then I anticipate that the series will end with a great dance.

Good morning mom 2, previews of the third episode of February 24th: Anna and Guido at loggerheads

Hello mum 3 will it happen or will we have to say goodbye to Guido and Anna?

I don’t want to say goodbye. Obviously the series has its very important conclusion in solving the mystery of Maurizia and Anna’s coma. So it’s a season that could be on its own. But the series is so loved, Canale5 would like to bring it back. If the square is found with the actors, the creativity to continue is not lacking.

So the hypothesis of the third season cannot be excluded?

In my opinion it could be done and I would very much like it, the ideas are there. Obviously with very busy actors like Raoul Bova and Maria Chiara Giannetta, a square must be found. However, the creativity and the desire to do it is there. It is a series that Lux Vide loves very much and Mediaset would also like to make a third season. I repeat, maybe the square is found.

Good morning Mom, the season finale and the success of the Canale5 series

Good morning Mom 2: Anna and Guido, the main characters

Good morning Mom 2: Anna and Guido, the main characters

What were the winning ingredients of Buongiorno mamma 2?

Twists and turns, a thrilling thriller and incredible actors like Raoul Bova, Maria Chiara Giannetta, Beatrice Arnera, Ginevra Francesconi and many others. And then I believe that the strength of this series is in the story of an ever restless family, in search of truth and clarity, which continually struggles against great difficulties, but never breaks down. It’s not a sugary series, it tells the truth, families are a jumble of pain, tension, lies and are held together by that unique glue of love and mutual respect.

Guido Borghi, played by Raoul Bova, has now entered the hearts of spectators.

I’m crazy about Guido, he’s my favorite character. A broad-shouldered man who, despite the pain, the losses, the attacks, never breaks down. He stays there, like a father, and you know he will defend you. Raoul Bova played it very well.

The true story of Angela Moroni that inspired Buongiorno Mamma

The Buongiorno Mamma series inspired by the story of Angela Moroni

The Buongiorno Mamma series inspired by the story of Angela Moroni

The idea for this fiction came from a newspaper article that told the story of Angela Moroni, who was in a coma for 29 years, and her husband Nazzareno who never left her alone.

I was pregnant. It was a moment in my life when so many things were changing. Sarah Melody (screenwriter and editorial director of Lux Vide, ed) who was a dear friend of mine, she was ill with cancer. Then, unfortunately she disappeared in 2020. When I read the article of that mother who had been in a coma in her home for 29 years, treated as a living member of the family to whom her daughters told her first outings, the boyfriend who made them suffer, the friend who loved him and stood by him, the choice of University, weddings, I cried all my tears. I thought about how much the disease was a difficult challenge, but also a test to be overcome in order to be more united.

What was the next step?

I went to Luca Bernabei’s office (Chief Executive Officer of Lux Vide, ed) with that paragraph in which the news of Angela’s death was given. I cried all the time. I proposed to tell a family story in which the mother’s voice is always present, even if she is asleep. From there was born Buongiorno mamma, a series that also survived its second season, in which Anna woke up and that mother, perfect because she didn’t speak, generated a conflict that didn’t exist before.

During the making of the Buongiorno Mamma series, did you get to relate to Angela Moroni’s family, therefore Nazzareno and his daughters?

We only met Nazzareno in person once. After telling us his story, he said he was aware that fiction would not faithfully retrace the story of his wife Angela, so he preferred not to participate in the production to defend his story. He took a step back. Then, he saw the series with his daughters and sent us an email. When I think about it, I’m still moved. He said it wasn’t Angela’s story, but that the feeling of that family was perfectly recognizable. And he authorized us to say that the fiction was based on their story. For me this was the biggest success.

The fact that Anna is able to wake up from her coma and go back to her life, seemed to me a way to represent the happy ending that Angela Moroni also deserved.

I shiver to hear you say that. The scene in which Anna returns home, gets off the bus and Guido says: “Is anyone expecting a mom?” and all the children, who haven’t seen her for a long time, hug her and she cries, for me it was exactly that. I thought of Angela, but also of Sara Melodia, who is no longer with us and has left behind three children. For me that scene is as it should have been. Every time I see her, tears come down. The best thing about writing is when you can help the world go right. A sort of compensatory caress.

Elena Bucaccio, screenwriter of Buongiorno Mamma

Elena Bucaccio, screenwriter of Buongiorno Mamma

One last thing, what is the creative process behind the dense web of intrigue of Buongiorno Mamma 2?

We work in groups. We started from the desire to tell how Maurizia died and the relationship between this death and Anna’s coma. Thus, a first series of hypotheses was born. Then, everyone added a piece. Sometimes these are real flashes. For example, I suggested starting with Guido who dives into the lake and finds an object, which we set aside to then think about it later. Francesco Arlanch wondered: “What has Maurizia been doing in the years we haven’t seen her?” And then we had fun playing with the audience: does the audience expect this? So let’s give it to him, but let’s turn it upside down so he’ll be even more angry (laughs, ed).

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