First impressions of Atlas Fallen - Between combats and dunes

We tell you what our first impressions of Atlas Fallen have been.

Promotional image of Atlas Fallen, the new game from Deck13.

The Deck13 studio can already be considered as veterans, being especially important, in recent years, If we talk about “souls” type video games not developed by FromSoftware. Many of you may have forgotten about them by now, but we are talking about the people who brought us the “The Surge” franchise, and previously provided us with “Lord of the Fallen”, a game that was quite divisive among users. Yes, these are not the only video games they have developed, but they are the most recognized that we have received from them, and therefore it is normal that they are known for them.

not long ago Atlas Fallen announceda video game that managed to win us from the beginning thanks to its aesthetics, and which seemed to be a new experience within the studio, especially highlighting the movement, which unlike in their previous works, here it seemed that we would have fast and frantic mobility.

Us We have already been able to prove its beginningsand we have completed everything we could, so below we are going to tell you what you can expect to find in Atlas Fallen, although we can already tell you that it has surprised us.

We warn you, it is not a soul

Yes, the studio’s previous works were all of the so-called soul genre, and therefore, like many people, we thought it would go along that line, but our surprise came when we started playing. Frankly we can tell you that there is no trace of the set of mechanics that usually implements FromSoftware in their titlessomething that has surprised us, and at the same time we have liked it a lot.

Instead, Atlas Fallen bets on a title whose combat is reminiscent of a “hack and slash”, but with a classic RPG progression system. Unfortunately, in the time we’ve played, we can’t quite discern if these systems are evolving in the way they should, but we can say that they are very well built on their foundations, and most importantly, they are fun and not tedious.

In addition, we have also been able to notice that the parry will be very important in the game, in addition to being very easy to execute and very satisfactory. Basically, by pressing the guard button at the right moment the enemy will be petrified, but of course we cannot abuse it, since we will depend on a bar that will fill up. Even so, it has turned out to be a mechanic that we liked a lot, and that turns the combat into a very spectacular one.

Atlas Fallen Soul

Atlas Fallen is quite far from the soul genre.

Mobility is very important here

We could already notice this in the game’s trailers, but when we got behind the controls we were quite surprised by how well thought out it is, although we cannot say that the controls felt as spectacular as anything seen before.

Basically, the magic glove that we have will allow us, in addition to fighting, to slide across the sand, this leads us to run normally on certain surfaces, which has not completely convinced us, since it ends up being an impediment, and somewhat annoying. Still, on a very positive note, and while we can’t speak to the final set, Atlas Fallen seems to be a game that take good care of your movement system. Only during this test, which has allowed us to play a relatively small area, although with various missions, we have been able to unlock different abilities that help exploration, such as the double jump or the impulse in the air.

It may seem like marketing, but we did get to try an area that was basically a desert, and therefore the mobility was at its maximum expression, which allowed us to see how it behaved, and we cannot make any complaints. Again, we don’t know if it continues to evolve later, or if it ends up becoming repetitive after a certain number of hours, but we must say that we have been very satisfied with what we have tested.

Atlas Fallen Movement

If there is something that we have been able to make clear, it is that the movement will be very important.

a world destroyed

In this aspect we are going to talk little, and it is that it is difficult to find out much about history in this kind of tests, but we have been able to notice that the world around us will have a certain importance. We don’t know why, nor would we reveal it even if we did, but what we will go through will be, something like the remains of a world that no longer prevails.

The destruction of this world, and its decay will be the starting point of everything, from the construction of the scenario itself, to the missions that we must complete, also going through the main story. All oozes a post-apocalyptic contextwhich seems that we will have to shell out, this being a premise that we have seen several times, which does not mean that it is not very interesting.

Atlas Fallen World

The world of Atlas Fallen has shown us beauty in devastation.

missions everywhere

We have already mentioned that missions will align with the world we travel, but now we have to talk about their structure. First of all, the first thing we can say is that, in certain things, these remind us of the typical missions that we can find in open world titles, which is curious considering that this title does not belong to that genre.

Specifically, and as we have learned, In Atlas Fallen we can see several mini open worlds in which to move, and we have been able to freely explore one of them. In this one, we have basically been able to find two types of missions, the main ones, which advanced the story, to the point where we face a very curious boss, and other secondary ones.

The truth is that we cannot dare to talk about how he will carry himself in the final game, but here we cannot say that the map was very saturated with secondary objectives. Of course, what we have been able to see many of is combat, and it is that these are random, that is, that from time to time enemies appear out of nowhere to confront you, in the style of classic JRPGs.

Atlas Fallen Missions

The mission system will be very reminiscent of open world games, or so it seems.

The dunes that made us fall in love

Again, we can’t venture to say if the final game will be worth it, but after this test we have ended up much more confident with this title. We cannot say if the title will develop as it should, but the bases are there, and except for some problems that we have found, they are very good.

Now we only have until the month of May to receive it officiallyand check if these impressions are confirmed, but we are talking, without a doubt, one of the most important launches of this year 2023.

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