Everything about Klara Doktorow: Partner, children and the words about the ex David Sundin

Klara Doktorow’s age – how old is she?

Klara Doktorow is 37 years old and was born on August 21, 1985, which means that she will turn 38 in the summer of 2023.

Is Klara Doktorow from Gotland?

Klara Doktorow was born and raised on Gotland. She grew up inside the ring wall in Visby.

Which podcasts is Klara Doktorow in?

Klara Doktorow is active in two podcasts. The one podcast is “The Daily Messiah”, along with Messiah Hallberg and John Willander Lambrell. The podcast premiered in October 2021 and in an interview with Aftonbladet, Messiah told about the concept of the podcast.

– It will be like morning radio, but you will avoid advertising for microwave ovens and there will be quite a few songs by Pitbull and E-type. You take the concentrated talk and we aim to do half an hour per day, Messiah explained in the interview.

Messiah Hallberg is the presenter of SVT’s “Svenska Nyheter”. Photo: FREDRIK SANDBERG /TT

Klara is also in the podcast “Trittio plus trevar” together with Sophie Fahrman and Tove Norström. The podcast has been around since 2017 and describes the podcast as a “love of life podcast”.

How long has Klara Doktorow been at NRJ?

Klara Doktorow started at NRJ in 2019 when she replaced Malin Gramer in the radio program Vakna med NRJ. She made the program together with Messiah Hallberg and Adam Alsing but after Adam passed away in covid, everything changed.

In an Instagram post, Klara Doktorow talked about her decision to leave NRJ.

“Losing a colleague to covid is something I am currently undergoing therapy for. And that’s why I feel it’s time for something new.”

The end was also due to her sidekick Messiah Hallberg leaving Bauer Media, which is NRJ’s production company, after a stormy argument. In an interview with Aftonbladet, Messiah told about the fight that caused him to leave.

– I don’t want to single people out, but it was a combination of people being inside and poking at what we did and I didn’t think it was acceptable. and then there were some other things that I didn’t think were handled well at the company then, Messiah said in the interview.

Klara Doktorow’s partner – who is her husband Kjell Doktorow?

Klara Doktorow’s partner is Kjell Doktorow, 52, who was born on March 31, 1970. Kjell works as a creator at the company “Tillsammans Sthlm” and lives together with Klara in their house in Huddinge, with their children. In an Instagram post, Kjell told how he and Klara met.

On October 10, 2015, the love of my life walked through the front door and straight into my heart. She and Betty ordered buns and salad and now we have a boathouse on Gotland and a little Sam.

Klara has also posted on Instagram about her and Kjell’s love story, where she says that Kjell contacted her on Facebook, which was just the beginning of the couple’s journey.

A few years ago, Kjell emailed me on Facebook. We decided to meet for a date at @jimochjacob where we ate incredible food, then went on and had drinks. We both got a little drunk and staggered arm in arm to my house. He kissed me in the elevator and it was a bit like making out with a vacuum cleaner, but the lay afterwards was still five damn plus. Since then we have been together. I found my person at the pub.

Does Klara Doktorow have children?

Klara Doktorow has three children. She has Betty, who was born in 2012, from a previous relationship with David Sundin.

Together with Kjell, Klara has two children. Their first joint child was born in 2017 and is named Sam and the little one Poppy just turned one year old.

Klara Doktorow’s house – what does it look like?

Klara Doktorow and Kjell bought their house in 2021 and chose to renovate it before moving in in 2022. When exactly the house was built has been a question mark for the couple. Previously, the couple had thought that the house was from 1909, but according to carpenters who helped with the renovation, it could instead be from the late 1800s, Klara writes on Instagram.

The house was an estate before the previous owners bought the house in 2015. The previous owner lived in the house from about the 40s onwards with his parents. According to sources, he was very kind, a linguist and researcher, and spoke 15 languages ​​fluently and had a book collection of about 100,000 books when he died, Klara writes on her Instagram.

This is what the house in Huddinge looks like today where the family lives:

Have Klara Doktorow and David Sundin been a couple?

Yes, they met when they were both working on 1000 Monkeys.

This was in 2010 and they also had daughter Betty together who turns 11 this year.

In a chronicle in Horisont magazine Klara described how tough the breakup from David was for her.

Because I broke up with my very best friend and he broke up with me. We are best friends. That’s how we fly. That’s how we become the parents our child deserves. She will grow up in a family that loves each other and the only solution to continue loving is if that family has two homes. My best friend is also very smart and very funny. And fancy and cool. An amazing father,” she wrote.

Guldbaggen 2021. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

What breed is Klara Doktorow’s dog Liz?

Klara’s dog Liz is a greyhound.

About the adoption history:

Klara says that after much consideration, she and her husband decided to sign up for dog adoption. She describes the process as long where they had to provide several references and do interviews. The idea was that the dog would come to a safe home.

She tells us that the first time with Liz was not easy. She was not room clean and she got a severe UTI which made her pee a little everywhere. But the family received good support and advice during the first period from the intermediary, and soon Liz was both clean and tidy.

Now I can’t imagine a day without her. She is our family, always with us, calm and safe but also with her breed-typical greyhound spats and a devil for stealing food when she can! An incredible dog, our little big friend forever.”

Is Klara Doktorow in SVT’s Underdogs?

Yes, she will be in the program that premieres on Saturday, March 18.

What is Klara Doktorow’s name on Instagram?


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