Citizen candidate, with whom, how and for when?

Oscar Mario Beteta

The message for 2024 is clear: people want a new face with a consistent, inclusive and viable Nation Project, driven by a politician who breaks the standards of uses and customs.

Convinced that society longs for a true political-electoral change that goes beyond traditional parties and politicians, Gustavo de Hoyos Walter, former president of Coparmex, ventures into the possibility of leading it by designating himself as a citizen candidate.

The reading that he makes of the collective feeling is correct: people are disappointed and angry; frustrated and fed up with the elites that have always led the country and that, in any party, with chameleonic or circus acts, have perpetuated themselves; he wants, like millions of citizens, a real move.

Society, by dint of suffering over and over again for years the same practices of parties and politicians, who see only their own interests, has become aware of what and who they really are, and what they have done with, and from the beginning. can.

With this practice as a constant, you can reasonably assume that next year, when the Presidency and hundreds of elective positions will be disputed, all those who aspire to occupy them will offer you an immediate solution to all your problems.

But from experience, he knows very well that they will only do it during the campaigns; for a few days, they will be remarkably approachable, friendly, and even funny. They will “hear” and “see” everyone to ensure their triumph.

But from the many times that it has happened, he also knows that, after the elections and in high places, they will be filled with arrogance and will be infected with dementia; They will no longer look at or hear anyone and all the “commitments” they have made while seeking suffrage in their favor will disappear from their agendas.

That bitter experience has been repeated for almost a century and the population is already tired. Parties and politicians have always been the same; Out of ambition, they have risen to power only to manipulate, lie and amass enormous fortunes. The party leaders, a true oligopoly and absolute owners of the power to postulate, have kidnapped democracy. They use it solely for your convenience.

Given this, the collective need for change has been expressed in the marches of November 13 and February 26. The desire for rapacity and corruption to truly stop is widespread and patent.

The message is clear: he wants a new face in the highest power, with a consistent, inclusive, viable Nation Project, driven by a politician who breaks the standards, uses and customs. The “silent cry” is: no more of the same!

But unfortunately that character can’t be an independent because he doesn’t have the partisan platform.

In demonstrations of democratic urgency, it is where the moment to act appears. But the people who fight for a turnaround will not promote someone who only does it in good faith. It requires a character whose personal, moral and professional history convinces the majority and who, together with a team of prepared, experienced and honest collaborators, causes the turning point that the country as a whole so desires and requires.

What is the use of “respecting the vote” to stay the same… or even get worse?

Sotto voce.– There is concern among some officials because filling the Zócalo next March 18 to commemorate one more year of the oil expropriation, is not easy, since there will be a “bridge” and it will cost a fortune to mobilize thousands of people… Mauricio Vila Dosal continues shining. The Banking Convention, which for the first time is being held outside of Acapulco, inaugurated by AMLO in Mérida, will give the governor of Yucatán an indisputable and enviable projection towards the presidential candidacy… With prudence, modesty and maturity, the governor of Hidalgo, Julio Menchaca, is not deterred by the fact that Tesla has not been established in the state and continues to actively promote it to attract more national and foreign investment.

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