Campania Region, Agriculture Commission blocked after Borrelli: 3 months without president

Stop the bills and hearings. Arm wrestling with the Pd who would like the presidency, previously of the Greens. But the commission has not been convened for 3 months.

She’s been stuck there for 3 months Agriculture Commission of the Regional Council of Campania. After the release offormer president Francesco Emilio Borrelli (Green Europe) – who left his office to take up the position of Member of Parliament, where he was elected last September – the VIII Regional Commission, which also has Hunting, Fishing, Community and State Resources for development among its responsibilities, was left without president.

The last summons dates back to 6 December. A void that is generating various problems, because the bills to be discussed are still and are accumulating, while opinions and hearings are also suspended. The regulation provides that in the event of the absence of the president of the commission, he is the president of the regional council, in this case Gennaro Oliviero, to convene the commission to proceed with the election. But everything is still.

Blocked the bills: from hunting to wine tourism

On the desks of the commission, meanwhile, there are important files waiting to be treated. From the theme of brucellosis of buffaloes which affects thousands of breeders, above all in the provinces of Caserta and Salerno, to the bill on the protection of wildlife and the huntingto that on the exercise of wine tourism activities in Campania, just to name a few. All blocked, waiting for the new president to be nominated. Appointment but does not arrive.

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The totonomi for the presidency

But why is Borrelli’s replacement not named and who has the task of doing so? Francesco Emilio Borrelli resigned on 14 December last, opting to hold the position of parliamentarian. In his place, in the regional council, the first of the non-elected took over, Roberta Gaetaalso in the Green Europe group, which also entered the Agriculture commission.

It would be legitimate to think, therefore, that in the totonomas among the possible candidates for the presidency of the Agriculture Commission there may also be that of Roberta Gaeta, which would be the natural continuity, since they already had it. But the seat is also coveted by the Democratic Party.

In the shortlist of possibilities Pd candidatestherefore, there would be the name of Maurice Petracca, Pd councilor of Avellino, who already holds the vice-presidency of the Agriculture Commission. The Democrats, who have 9 directors, would aspire to the presidency, as mentioned, but they already have two other commission presidencies, as well as the presidency and vice-presidency of the regional council. It seems that the square has not yet been found in the Democratic Party. While there would also be a brake on a further Pd presidency Italy alive who would not welcome the hypothesis of a “takes-all” Democratic Party.

Commission not convened for 3 months

In this political impasse, the commission has not been convened since last year and is left without a president. Who should summon her? According to the statute, when the president of a commission is absent due to resignation, reference is made to article 32 of the regulation of the regional council. In this case, it should be the president of the regional council Gennaro Olivieroalso a Pd exponent, to convene the commission with the election of the new president on the agenda.

Article 32 of the regulation on the organization and functioning of the Regional Council (n. 57 of 11 September 2012), reads in fact:

Article 32

Constitution of the Commissions and powers of the Bureau

  1. Each Commission has a Bureau which functions collegially, made up of a President and two members, one of whom acts as vice-president and the other as secretary. The presence of the opposition is ensured in the Bureau. The office of President, Vice-President and Councilor Secretary of the Commission is incompatible with that of member of the Bureau of the Regional Council.
  2. After the formation of the Council Commissions, each of them is constituted, upon convocation by the President of the Regional Council. The installation session of each Commission, in which the Bureau is elected, is chaired by the most senior councilor by age. The preliminary attempt is made to arrive at the agreed formation of the Bureau. If all the members of the Commission agree, the Bureau is elected with a single open vote. If this agreement is not reached, separate votes are held by secret ballot, the first for the election of the President, the second for that of the other two members of the Office. Said last vote takes place with a vote limited to a single name: the first of the elected assumes the function of vice-president, the second that of secretary.
  3. If the provisions of article 40, paragraph 4 of the Statute are met, the Bureau is recomposed according to the methods established by paragraph 2.
  4. The President ensures that the works of the Commission he chairs run smoothly.
  5. The President of the Commission has the rank of assessor, in order of precedence and in the organization chart of the Region. The Vice-President of the Commission replaces the President in case of absence or impediment.
  6. The secretary verifies the results of the votes, supervises the drafting of the minutes and keeps track of the attendances in the special register.

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