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Recreation of the candidate’s speech vox to the motion of censure.

ALSINA–Ramón Tamames!

Ramon Tamames. Yesterday in the Congress of Deputies, and this is confirmed by all today’s chronicles, the old professor confirmed that there will be no substantial changes in his speech. He will proceed to the dramatized reading of the 31 pages that we already have Tamames said not to give too much importance to what had happened. But the procession goes inside. Especially within the leaders of vox.

EL ESPAÑOL: “Vox accuses ridicule for the slippage of the leak and fears for Tamames: ‘We have seen him affected'”. Suspended, for the moment, the interview tour of the professor of Economics, the interview tour of Fernando Sanchez Dragowho was the one who devised these Lights of Bohemia.

“It was a typical occurrence between friends and in the heat of a glass of wine,” Dragó tells He Confidential. You can’t take away from all this brilliance. What would have had no merit is if it had happened after ten glasses of wine. But he adds about the leak: “It has been a cold shower and naivety on the part of Tamames. The opponent is not informed before the fighter enters the ring. The leak has ruined that show.”

In abcDragó continues: “Filtering the discourse is a jug of cold water and arms the government. But since he is an optimistic guy, he tries to open the door to let the light in: “Tamames is a miura, once in the arena he is unpredictable.” Don Ramón, burn those 31 pages! Improvise! Let yourself be carried away by jazz! Tito Rodríguez Braun and I will be in the gallery. Then, in the solitude of the vote, when the great trick fades, he will hear us shout: come on, Ramón. Come on, Ramon!

on the cover of The reason We know a technical detail: it is said that Tamames will finally speak from Abascal’s seat in the motion of no confidence.

The world published this morning: “The PP clearly sees the coalition of interests Vox-PSOE with a motion of censure against Feijóo.” The game of the old clamp. González and Fraga did it to Suárez. Aznar and Anguita, to González. The thesis of the article is that now Abascal and Sánchez do it to Feijóo.

It is not the joy of the Feijóo garden. And it is strange, after having reread so much 1984. He Country He says today that “Marianism” is back. The confidential also provides data on that: “Núñez Feijóo surrounds himself with ministers of Marian Rajoy and it goes into ‘rescue Spain’ mode. The incorporation of fatima banez to the new foundation paves the way for the return of the Nadal brothers or Garcia weaver. The PP assumes that they will touch the cuts again.

ALSINA–There is also several news about Ayuso this morning, who is in the same game as Feijóo.

The first, titled very similarly in all the newspapers. I read, for example, abc: “The doctors in Madrid end the strike after reaching an agreement with the Community. The pact, after almost four months of strikes, includes salary improvements and a reduction in the number of patients”.

And the second, in He Country: “Today the left is finished (…) Kill them.” This is part of the message, count He Country, which the Madrid president sent to her 65 deputies before the plenary session began. The key is in the photo. The country He has made the most of the newspaper library to find an image in which Ayuso really looks like he would kill the deputies of the left with his own hands. All this does not scare me, not even the photo. But I am concerned that, within the text, a PP deputy says: “Obviously, the ‘kill them’ is at a dialectical level.” That’s like when the neighbor says: “He helped me every day to put the purchase in the elevator. He was a very nice person”.

And I end with a dead man, who appears on the cover of The vanguard: has passed away at the age of 87 Felix millet, author of the looting of the Palau. He presided over the entity for two decades, from which he diverted 23 million euros. Half have been returned. He entered prison in 2020, but since last November he had been enjoying the third degree due to incurable disease. 87 years old… now that he was the perfect age to try to be Prime Minister!

*This is the press review that Daniel Ramírez does every morning for ‘The Spain that gets up early’, in ‘More than One’Carlos Alsina’s program on Onda Cero.

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