AyA union denounces employee travel: "It is an improper use of funds"

(Then24.com).-The workers’ union Governess denounced that 19 officials are going to travel to China with funds from International Cooperation, to attend seminary in April.

Furthermore, they claim that the seminar period is only for 7 daysof which 5 are labor, but the employees would be in Asia for 17 days.

The event is about the development and innovation of appropriate technological alternatives and renewable energies for the management of drinking water and sanitation systems in Costa Rica.

According to the response from the AyA press office, the activity will take place from April 3 to 17, being Easter Week from 3 to 7 (3 days of collective vacations and 2 holidays), Monday 10 is a holiday. Therefore, heThe only effective days of the activity are from April 11 to 14, as well as April 17.

However, for the union, this is a misuse of resources: “This is an improper use of funds, for us it is something that can fit into the issue of probity and the institution should send them as indicated in the document, the effective days of the seminar, which are from April 11 to 14 and 17 , are only 5 effective days, then, why are 14 days?”, indicated the secretary of the union Mario Rodríguez.

Another of the questions raised by the union is that “if this seminar is so important, Why don’t they send operational personnel? People who walk in the field? According to the union, “it is worrying how theThe administration sends advisors to the presidency, and even the photographer of institutional communication of AyA for china to holiday”Rodriguez questioned.

Which officials will travel to China?

  • Mariana, Fernández Sing, Expert Executive
  • Deivy, Espinoza Villalobos, Professional Advisor
  • Isabel Araya Paniagua, Expert Executive
  • Adriana, Cordero Montero, Professional Advisor
  • Henry Ulate Torres, Expert Executive
  • José Daniel, García Rodríguez Managing Director
  • Roy Gustavo González Valverde, Executive Expert in Water Systems
  • Maricela Sancho Solano, Advanced Executive
  • Nicolás Federico Mora Castro, Expert Executive
  • Emerson Morales Matarrita
  • Sergio Gómez Roldán, Senior Executive
  • Gladys Badilla Brenes, Expert Executive
  • Juan Diego Quirós González, General Executive
  • Railly Solano Ramírez, Expert Executive
  • Carlos Roberto Novoa Golfín, Expert Executive
  • Sergio Murillo Sojo, Executive Specialist
  • Laura Hernández Torres, Executive Specialist
  • Jorge Salazar Chacón, Expert Executive
  • Lenín Martínez Pastor, Expert Executive
  • Yeiner Flores Ortega, Executive Specialist

AyA’s response

According to the AyA press office, “The selection was made in a coordinated manner between the Executive Presidency, the Sub-managements and respective directions. Besides, the suitability of his position with the theme was considered of the seminar.

It should be noted that the list of participants is made up of a multidisciplinary group of professionals and various departments.

In addition, in a statement with the official position of AyA regarding the union’s questions about the use of public funds, they point out that, “the China Agency for International Development Cooperation is the entity that provided economic and logistical supportwhich represents a little more than 90 million colones to cover all expenses of food, transportation and per diems of the participating officials, thus ensuring that the Institution does not pay absolutely nothing for this important high-level training”.

What will be the institutional benefit of subscribers?

As part of the doubts expressed by the union representative, Mario Rodríguez, It is questioned what will be the benefit for the institution? To which the press office replied that, “it allows officials to be trained at the highest level in planning issues, drinking water and sanitation systems, which allows institutional strengthening and obtaining new knowledge such as energy efficiency, salinization of sea water, to apply to improvements in the services provided to customers”.

He The union became aware of this trip through an anonymous complaint about the use of public funds.

The answer given by Lenín Martínez Pastor, Director of Cooperation and International Affairs of AyA, it was not satisfactory for them and questions continue about the purpose of the trip of each of the officers.

In addition, in a request for a response to the AyA press office, they indicated that, in itinerary issues, ticket purchase, lodging and other data, they are not yetsince they are in the process of obtaining visas at the Consulate.

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