Alberto De Pisis and Oriana discuss live at GF Vip, then make peace: "I care about you so much"

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

After another live clash in the March 16 episode of GF Vip, Alberto De Pisis and Oriana Marzoli make peace, leaving tensions behind. The spark had been triggered by some sentences of the Venezuelan influencer on the roommate, concerning their friendship.

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Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

After further discussion in the March 16 episode of Big Brother VIPBetween Oriana Marzoli And Albert DePisis peace seems to have returned. Already in recent weeks there was tension between the two: the first finalist believes that the roommate should go out because he is “too stressed”. Oriana and Alberto live streaming

The clash between Oriana and Alberto live

Between Alberto and Oriana, spirits flare up again during the episode, when the contestant finds out what the roommate said about him and gets hurt, thinking that the issues were now resolved. “The phrases he said there, vis a vis I didn’t hear them said. Friendship for me is a very important value and I didn’t find it by seeing that video”, Albert said. So Alfonso Signorini asked him a direct question: “Is Oriana a friend to you?”he answered categorically: “Until I saw these images, I thought it was. I didn’t expect it, I feel teased, it’s not a matter of malice”. Oriana then tries to explain, but without reaching a common ground: “Tit bothers me what people say about you, it’s not true that you don’t care, you believe that in friendship we only say nice things to each other. I don’t understand anything about your behavior. My best friends in here know I don’t say things with malice.”

Clarification after the episode

After the live broadcast, Alberto took Oriana aside, explaining why he had such an excessive reaction: “I really care about you so much and you know it. Just seeing her like this hurt me and I reacted in a way that’s not like me. I know you don’t think these things.” The contestant nods her head and apologizes in turn for having answered him badly: the two embrace and leave everything behind, returning together to the salon. “I see who you are, I don’t want that to happen again”, concludes Albert.

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