After 10 years of success in Bougouni: The Didadi festival has reached a point of no return

March 2014-March 2023, the Didadi International Festival of Bougouni at 10 years old. Under the theme ” challenge of promoting the cultural and tourist potential of the Bougouni region », the 10th edition of this festival was successfully held, from Thursday March 9 to Sunday March 12, on the banks of the Baoulé river. This edition saw new activities including: training of tourist guides and cultural entrepreneurs, a space for games and entertainment dedicated to children, film screenings, Miss Didadi competitions, a bogolan workshop, canoe excursions on the Baoulé.

In addition to traditional entertainment, the canoe race and visits to tourist sites, for 3 days, an open-air nightclub by the pool was open to the public after a giant concert hosted by locals and locals. famous artists. Without forgetting the craft and modern fairs accessible to the populations of Banimonotié. The official opening ceremony of the 10th edition of the Didadi International Festival of Bougouni was chaired by Hamane Demba Cissé, Secretary General of the Department of Culture and Tourism, representing his minister. It recorded the presence of notabilities and the highest local authorities of Bougouni.

“Discover the rich cultures of Mali in general and those of the Bougouni region in particular and facilitate the meeting of these with those of the rest of Africa and the whole world; create a cultural space allowing the most representative musicians and artisans of their culture to perform with strict respect for diversity; open the cultural productions of the Bougouni Region to the international market; create launch opportunities for talented young artists and artisans; make the Didadi festival a vehicle for promoting tourism in Mali and its economic benefits; allow the meeting of peoples and cultures to consolidate the culture of peace; promote income-generating activities and access to basic social services; promote understanding and solidarity through the meeting of peoples and cultures”, are in essence the objectives sought by the association “seko ani donko” of Bougouni by creating this festival. 10 years later, expectations continue to be met.

Indeed, according to Seydou Coulibaly, director of the said festival, to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of local communities by arousing the interest of the populations for the cultural and touristic riches, the “seko ani donko” association of Bougouni initiated the Didadi international festival of which the 1time edition was held in March 2014. Alongside the promotion of cultural and tourist activities, the idea is also to promote income-generating activities in the said locality. 10 years later, this flagship activity of Bougouni remains on course. The innovations for this 10th anniversary are the training of cultural entrepreneurs, training of tourist guides, Miss Didadi, etc.

According to Seydou, the Didadi festival wants to be an example for the nationals of Bougouni through the safeguarding and promotion of the cultural, artistic and tourist heritage of the region. Also to improve the living conditions of the actors concerned, of the population. Cultivate the culture of effort, cohesion, mutual aid, solidarity, all animated and supported by an unfailing patriotic spirit.

“Thank God we were able to hold the party in style. I also noticed that it had a considerable influx. And I really said to myself that this population is thirsty for peace and celebration. And this population is not one that resigns itself to obstacles. The party was very beautiful, people came out in droves and with the various testimonies we can say that our expectations were met. Can’t wait for 11th edition with other innovations”, he rejoiced.

For the representative of the Minister of Culture, Handicrafts and Tourism, this activity contributes to the influence of the culture of the Banimonotié region and of Mali in general. He believes that the “Didadi” came out of its land to invade the world, certainly by Nahawa Doumbia, but amplified by the festival. He asks organizations to perpetuate it for the happiness of the region and for the promotion of culture in Mali. He gave the assurance that their support will not be lacking.

“The Didadi festival, a major meeting of Malian culture which is now part of the golden letter, in the annals and in the cultural agendas of Mali. Our commitment to support this event is a choice of principle. The government pays the utmost attention to this type of initiative based on local development and that of culture,” he said.

The Didadi festival is also canoe races…

Through this canoe race, the Bozos who are in Bougouni show the population of Banimonotié that they can contribute to the enrichment of culture.

“We came to celebrate the “Didadi” which is the essence of Banimonotié. But that the bozo culture is added to that, it’s really wonderful for our country. Although we are different, we are one and indivisible. And that’s our strength. Everyone should convince themselves that, where they are, showcasing their culture is their identity. As soon as we have no culture, we have no identity”, he rejoiced.

As for the governor of the region, he says he is very proud of his people. He did not hide his feelings. “The feeling I have today is a feeling of pride and above all of compassion towards the elders of this country. Seeing this canoe race, beyond the festive character, in each canoe, there are not only Bozos and Somonos, there is a whole people united towards a common destiny and that is reconciliation minds and hearts,” said Gal. Kéba Sangaré, governor of the Bougouni region. For him, seeing these young people find themselves around a common destiny through the canoe race, seeing them cross, sweat, show the muscle inside these canoes on the Baoulé, this is a very strong message. .

This year’s tourist visits have concerned the backwater of Dissan, which contains crocodiles. And the great mountain of N’Tentou kouroulamini. All sacred places that are reserved for tourist visits, and for customary practices. They have prohibitions in common.

Also for this 10th edition, within the framework of a twinning between the Bougouni youth council and the Lamogoya association of Bobo Dioulasso, the Burkinabé side took part in this 10th edition in order to further strengthen their bond of friendship. As a reminder, this pairing intends improve the mixing of West African peoples and facilitate integration between young people from the cities of Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso and that of Bougouni in Mali “. Looking forward to the next edition!!!

Moussa Sekou Diaby

Didadi International Festival: Thanks from the Organizing Committee to Donors

After the holding of the 10th edition of the International Didadi Festival which was a success according to many observers, the Organizing Committee of the said festival sends its heartfelt thanks to the various godfathers and godmothers of the event. These include, among others, the godmother of the Rap/International Didadi Festival contest, Mrs. Ouattara Mariam Fomba, who offered the sum of 60,000 CFA francs as a contribution fee to the organizers, Moussa Koné Waraba Sirop, donor of the motorcycle to the miss, Sinsing Diakité, carrier, donator of the Camon 19 Pro phone to the miss, Ms. Sidibé Aminata Keita, miss/Festival godmother, Ms. Sangaré Bébé, godmother, and Modibo Koné Van 1issponsor of the Traditional Wrestling/Festival.

On behalf of the President and CEO of the International Didadi Festival, the organizing committee wishes to thank all those who directly or indirectly contributed to the success of the 10th edition of the International Didadi Festival.

Can’t wait for the 11th edition!

Almihidi Toure

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