Acquisition of new military equipment: Minister Sadio Camara warns the "misguided" and the "recalcitrant" of the Republic

The Albatros L-39 type attack and training aircraft and new BAYRAKTAR TB2 drone systems handed over to the Air Force are helping to strengthen the aeronautical fleet and will allow the FAMa to rout as they do already the armed terrorist groups.

The President of the Transition, Colonel Assimi Goïta, handed over on Thursday, March 16, several military equipment including combat aircraft to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. This equipment, offered by Russia and Turkey, consists of Albatros L-39 type attack and training aircraft and new BAYRAKTAR TB2 Drone Systems. They participate in the reinforcement of the aeronautical park to put an end to the asymmetrical warfare with which the Armed Defense and Security Forces of Mali are confronted.

An already professional army

According to Colonel Sadio Camara, “the Malian Army is certainly in full reorganization”, but it “is already a professional army” because its personnel is imbued with the cardinal values ​​of respect for human rights. “These values ​​are the basis of living together in our multicultural and centuries-old societies. Thus, we will not allow ourselves to be distracted by tendentious statements of any kind whatsoever and which are intended to undermine the morale of our troops and to tarnish the image of the country”, hammered the Minister of Defense.

Aware that the Malian crisis goes well beyond the security dimension alone, the military authorities have developed integrated strategies, said Minister Sadio, the fruits of which are already visible in large parts of the national territory. “The role of the Departments of Defense and Security in resolving this crisis is to create the conditions for the other pillars of the State to be able to express themselves, to normalize the lives of populations, to guarantee the free movement of people and goods, provide basic social services to as many people as possible, ensure harmonious socio-economic development, and rekindle hope and faith in the future,” said Colonel Minister Camara.

To do this, believes the Minister of Defense, the efforts he describes as “extraordinary” which the people consent during this transition “must not be in vain”. “It would be inconceivable that the electoral process initiated, with its share of courageous institutional reforms and responsible compromises, could not lead to a more solid, more efficient State, better perceived by the populations”, warned Colonel Sadio Camara. Thus, he commits the promptness of the defense and security forces to play their part to meet the challenges of security and logistics for peaceful, transparent and credible elections, in support of the other institutions.

Effects of scaling up

According to the Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs, these new weapon systems fit perfectly into a defense architecture that has already proven itself in the field. “Reconnaissance and combat drones and fighter jets will further increase the reach of our maneuver units in the field. The rise of the FAMa is thus consolidated,” rejoices Colonel Sadio Camara.

The Malian Army, now “in offensive posture” rout the terrorists. According to the Minister of Defense, the aggressive operations carried out by the FAMa against the bandits, coupled with their professional and protective attitude towards the populations, forced dozens of combatants to lay down their arms and surrender. “Many of them are already in the process of reintegration, under the surveillance and protection of the police,” he revealed. Before inviting the lost sons to return to the Motherland, ready to open their arms to them, on condition that they agree to “live according to the laws of the Republic”.

However, Minister Sadio Camara warned those whom he describes as “recalcitrant, who think that the depths of the caves and the cover of the forests still offer them some respite, or who want to play for time, counting on a possible exhaustion of the will of the people. “Your actions of harassment and your cowardly attacks against civilian populations only confirm your loss of momentum. Be sure never to find rest, at least until our bombs and our assault troops hunt you down and send you to eternal rest”, threatened the Minister of Defense.

Thanks to Russia

Colonel Sadio Camara took the opportunity to thank the Russian and Turkish partners for their assistance, including the quality of the equipment (L-39 Albatros fighter planes and Bayraktar TB2 drone systems) and the professionalism of the instructors to train and train the FAMa have contributed to changing the situation in the theater of operations.

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