5 good reasons to join FC Mon Petit Placement

5/ It’s not reserved for an elite

Do you think you have to be armored, know the stock markets like the back of your hand, even have played PSG or, worse, be playing there to get into the investment bath? So start by getting that idea out of your head. Investing your money is now child’s play – in the figurative sense, eh – even for the most novices and the smallest budgets. Provided, of course, that you have the right options and the right tools to get started! Thanks to My Little Investmentgrow your savings in a simple and efficient way and enjoy real peace of mind thanks to real experts who accompany you throughout this adventure.

4/ It’s simple, accessible…

My Little Investment now opens the doors of investment for your children. A perfect novelty, and available from birth, to start preparing their future projects and accompany them in the start of their active life. Opening an account is done 100% online, everything is secure, and it won’t take you more than ten minutes, halftime of a match will be enough for you to start, for example. Of course, My Little Investment offers personalized support to help you establish a strategy, much like an assistant coach. Note that it is without obligation, and that you can therefore withdraw your money at your leisure without charge. To be complete, Mon Petit Placement explains how to get paid via commission charges levied only if the investment performs » : a win-win model for which they have every interest in making the best choices for your savings.

3/ … and it can earn up to 12% per year

As with investment for adults, life insurance for minors is available from just €300 and offers you much greater performance possibilities than a product like the Livret A for example. Mon Petit Placement estimates that you can benefit from a potential annual return of between 3 and 12%, while obviously warning you about being informed about the risk of capital loss when investing. The version “ for minor » of Mon Petit Placement life insurance allows you to make monthly payments with a lower minimum, namely from 40 euros per month (compared to 100€ per month for a major contract). The idea is to build up over time a savings, even with a small starting amount, which will allow in a few years to finance various projects of your life or the life of your child such as his license or his studies.

2/ There is something for all tastes, all profiles and all strategies

The money paid will be invested in a portfolio corresponding to your investor profile defined upstream. Your profile will be defined in part on the risk-taking that you are ready to take with your investment to allow you to aim for higher or lower profitability objectives depending on whether you are “ deliberate ” as a recovery midfielder who plays clean and ensures his passes, “ energetic “How does a defender who tries to get the ball back into the opposing camp from time to time, “ ambitious “if you think you can win a head duel between Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic or” intrepid if you’re the type to attack a game with eight out of eleven offensive players. Even better, is it possible? Yes: you can choose to invest in themes in line with your values ​​or your interests such as tech, health, real estate or the environment.

1/ There is a good plan if you say you went through the So Foot training center

Good news, to get you started, Mon Petit Placement has an offer for SO FOOT readers: -30% on your performance commissions for the first year with the code SOFOOT30. It’s up to you create an account here.

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