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This Friday, the 17th, is celebrated the Saint Patrick’s dayor Saint Patrick’s Day, one of the most traditional dates in Europa. The event started out as a religious holiday, but over time it became a celebration of Irish culture.

The date arose from the death of St. Patrick, considered the patron saint of Ireland. Contrary to what many people think, Saint Patrick was a real person and lived in Ireland from age 16 until his death in March 17, 461.

What is the origin of St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day festivities began in the 18th century. The celebration is in honor of Patrick, a bishop who was born in Great Britain and aged 16 went to work in Ireland. Historians say that Patrick became interested in Christianity as soon as he arrived in Ireland, starting to teach others about the religion. He is said to have converted many of the country’s residents to Christianity and his name has become a landmark in the country.

St. Patrick’s Day, as it is known worldwide, began as a religious celebration, but became popular as an Irish cultural event. Despite being a religious celebration, in some parts of the world, St. Patrick’s Day is used only for dressing in green and drinking excessively.


Saint Patrick was a real person, but some of the traditions associated with him and the holiday are actually myths. For example, the four-leaf clover on Saint Patrick’s Day is one of them, as according to legend, Patrick used a clover three-leaf as part of his teachings.

Another legend says that Patrick expelled all the cobras from Ireland. Because it is an island, many animals found throughout Europe and North America do not live on the island of Ireland, that is, it would be very difficult for him to expel these animals from the place.

Another widely spoken myth is the color green being associated with Saint Patrick. The predominant green color in St. Patrick’s festivities is due to the four-leaf clover, which has become a national symbol. In ancient times, Patrick was associated with the color blue.

Why do we wear green on St Patrick’s Day?

As previously mentioned, the green color in the festivities is due to the four-leaf clover, the country’s national symbol. In addition to the clover, leprechauns are also the reason why green is worn on St. Patrick’s Day. Tradition is linked to folklore that says that wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns, mythological figures from Irish folklore, who like to pinch anyone they can see.

Some people also think that sporting the color will bring them good luck, and others use it to honor their Irish ancestry. People also gather to watch parades of traditional Irish dancers and musicians as they march through the streets of the city.

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