This is how we have experienced the historic delivery of the largest jackpot in the history of Pasapalabra

Simply spectacular!
Rafael Castaño has achieved two historic milestones tonight. The first of them, getting the biggest jackpot in the history of a mythical program such as
Pass wordachieving a total of
€2.2 million. It is said soon. The second, he has managed to do all the ‘
donut‘ non-stop. That is to say, he has done it in one go. Nothing like it had ever been witnessed. The program already looked good from the beginning for the contestant, because she went to the last stage with a total of
extra 94 seconds. Everything must be said, without those seconds she would have also won the award, because she has not hesitated for a second. We have witnessed live television history, seeing this contestant hit all the words with barely taking a breath.

After getting this ostentatious award,
Raph has declared that it is very unfair, because
orestes He has been fighting for that financial amount in a large number of programs, but he has also been able to share his joy with those closest to him, since
antenna 3 has contacted them. more than deserved

“You deserve this more than anyone. Together we have done the entire program in general and it is beautiful to be part of this. I always say that, don’t worry about me because I also take a very important pinch and I really love I am very happy for
Raphbecause he really deserves it. I also want to thank
Robert, because you treat everyone equally from the position you have. It has been a pleasure and the truth is that when a prudential time has passed, 4 or 5 years, I would like to return”

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“I already said it, no matter what happened, this was going to be unfair. He also deserved it and the truth is that he is the best guy who has gone through this program. Of course I remember all the people who have been there to support me, but the truth is that the first thing I think about is that
orestes He has not been able to take it and it is really very unfair”.

Raph He has not needed to say a word even once, because he has done the
‘Rosco‘ in one stroke. This is historic! oh
orestes He couldn’t even play! Very uncomfortable silence when the word has sounded
ZABRO. And it is that
Roberto Loyal He has put a dramatic touch worthy of the
€2.2 million that this contestant just won.

ORANGE TEAM ➡️ 53 seconds

🔵 BLUE TEAM ➡️ 94 seconds

leaves no choice
Barbara Reyby hitting the song ‘La Playa’ from the
van gogh ear. 5 seconds to the
Orange Team! breathe

He takes the cat to the water
Raphafter the error of
orestes. 5 more seconds to go!
Blue Teamafter guessing the song from ‘Like a Rolling Stones’ by
Bob Dylan.

orestes: “I would travel for Spain in a more impromptu way. I really want to get to know my country more thoroughly.” The man from Burgos also commented that he would like to travel to countries like “Japan and New Zealand“. orestes He would not only dedicate himself to traveling, but would also “make some fixed investment in housing and be able to guarantee my children, when I have them, a childhood and a future without financial burdens.”

Raph: “I would do a very crazy thing in this world, which is to do things, not to earn money, but for pleasure”. ”.

The most watched program on television, which almost every day manages to have the golden minute on
‘rosco’is about to distribute the biggest jackpot in the history of the format.
antenna 3 has already started announcing that
orestes either
Raph will be the winner of the highest jackpot in the history of
‘Pass word’.

Rafael Castañoa university-trained journalist, has been the great rival of
orestes, with more than 100 programs behind them. Notably
Raph He has also competed in other programs, such as ‘El tirón’ or ‘Saber y Ganar’. Currently, she is preparing for some oppositions.

One of the two protagonists tonight is
orestes barberthe contestant with the most consecutive programs in the history of
Pass wordwith a total of 300 days.

orestesfrom Burgos and with a degree in Hispanic Philology, has managed to earn around
€200,000 in this last year. However, his first participation in
Pass word dates back to 2016, when the broadcast of the program still belonged to

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In a few minutes this historic Pasapalabra program will start. We start now with the preview!

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