The minute by minute of the attack with which they took the life of the retired Molina

In the hearing this Thursday, in which the Prosecutor’s Office accused José Luis Salinas (46) and Rubén Darío Pereira (40) for the aggravated homicide (criminis causa) of Ramón Eduardo Molina (85), the officials provided a detailed account of the before , during and after the violent murder of the retiree from Santa Lucía.

It should be noted that Salinas and Pereira were employees of the metallurgical workshop that operates on the same property where the house that belonged to Molina is located. The old man rented that property and knew them.

According to the MPF, it is proven that on Saturday the 11th, Molina arrived at his house at around 3:00 p.m., located at 6,200 East of Route 20, in La Legua, Santa Lucía. He left his Renault Megane car on the sidewalk and was preparing to take a nap, but moments after arriving, José Luis Salinas burst in looking for money, precisely an amount that he knew the victim had.

It is that the day before, Friday the 10th, he had supposedly witnessed when Molina was paid the $130,000 for the rent of that place where he worked. The payment was made in the same workshop by his employer, Miguel Martínez, and at that moment Rubén Darío Pereira, the other employee arrested for the crime, was also present.

For the investigators, the two broke into the old man’s house that Saturday after jumping the front wall. In theory, Pereira stayed at the door acting as a bell, while Salinas broke the lock and entered. At that moment he ran into Molina, who offered resistance. The investigations ensured that the murderer, after some struggles, attacked him with extreme violence, to the point that he threw him to the ground and continued punching and kicking him.

The subject managed to appropriate the $130,000. What he could not do was enter a room where the victim had a safe, because Molina, realizing that it was an assault, was able to throw the keys to that room’s door under a bed.

One yes, another no. Salinas chose not to testify, Pereira did (see video).

In addition to the rental money, Salinas stole the old man’s cell phone and debit card. Also a grinder and a portable welder that he loaded in the trunk of Molina’s Megane, in which he escaped. Prosecutor’s Office did not clarify if Pereira left the house with him. What is known is that security cameras captured Salinas walking in the car, alone, with yellow gloves placed on his hands.

The $130,000 stolen still does not appear

The vehicle was abandoned in the vicinity of the Chimbas Industrial Park, but before Salinas walked through the area of ​​Barrio Los Alerces, where he sold a young man the old man’s Motorola brand cell phone and the car’s spare tire. The buyer allegedly asked him if they were stolen items and he said no. They reached an agreement to settle a debt of $8,000.

That was during the afternoon of that same Saturday, the day on which he also made purchases with the victim’s debit card in some markets near his home in the Barrio La Estancia, in Chimbas. For example, he made a purchase for $2,900, an operation for which a Molina grandson received a notification since he handled home banking for him.

According to the spokesmen, Salinas and Pereira knew Molina. In fact, the first of them did some chores for him, like some bars that the victim had commissioned him to deliver.

On Monday neither of the two suspects showed up for work. That morning the body was found

The crime was discovered on Monday the 13th. It was in the morning, when a son of the deceased, named Daniel, went to the home as he used to do to leave his bike, change and go to work. This time he was struck by the fact that there was a sensitive cutting machine outside, a tool that apparently the attackers could not take, that the welder was missing and that the lock had been forced.

Upon entering, he saw his father on the floor and began to ask for help. His screams were heard by one of the owners of the metal shop, who called 911.

The prosecutor in the case is Adrián Riveros (Special Crimes). The official defender María Emilia Nielson represents Salinas, and Alejandro Castán Pereira.

The experts found the old man’s teeth a few meters from the body, while on one side of his head there was a natural tooth, which accounts for the violence of the attack. The autopsy confirmed that death was due to blows to the head.

On the other hand, for the investigations it is proven that on Saturday, when the crime supposedly took place, Salinas was having a few beers in a kiosk adjacent to the victim’s property, something strange since the workshop closes on weekends. The woman at the kiosk declared that at around 1:00 p.m., the subject drank two beers that he asked for on credit and then left.

All the evidence aired by the Prosecutor’s Office mainly complicates Salinas, to whom Judge Alberto Caballero ordered 8 months of preventive detention in the Chimbas Prison. Meanwhile, Pereira was ordered to serve house arrest for 60 days. Within this period, the MPF must collect more evidence, which will be key to determining their degree of participation in the event.


Declared Rubén Darío Pereira, one of the defendants for the crime of the retiree from Santa Lucía.

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