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The portable console Steam Deck celebrate these days First anniversary. It has been a sales and critical success so, taking advantage of the Spring Sales of Steam which are released today, Valve has decided reduce it in price.

Portable consoles have been around for decades, but not in PC format. It is true that here there are abundant laptops, but they are not comfortable to play anywhere other than a table. You have to support them on the legs or another place, to take control.

The Steam Deck form factor allows for comfortable gaming in bed, on the couch, on the subway, in the car, etc. This is the first time it can be done on PC, so Steam Deck has found a new audience on users who want to play Steam games on the go.

First Steam Deck Discount

Your condition open platform They also liked it a lot: no paying subscriptions to play online, no stores or exclusive games. Steam Deck offers free online game and access to all your steam games. Everything you buy will be available on the Steam Deck itself, or on any PC running Steam, it’s the same game.

Finally, the Steam Deck (review) is also an excellent front door to the PC video gamesfor people who cannot afford the prohibitive prices of a PC Gamingand its graphics cards at the price of gold.

Valve’s console has been a great sales success. And for the first time in months, there is no need to queue. You can now buy directly.

To celebrate his first year of life, Steam Deck receives a reduction for the first time. Valve offers a 10% discountwhich will be active until the day 23 of March:

The basic model with 64 GB of storage goes down to 377 eurosand with the most expensive model you save 70 euros.

It’s rare for Valve to downgrade their hardware. Its Valve Index virtual reality glasses are already a few years old and it has hardly ever dropped in price, so if you are after one Steam Deck, this is a good opportunity to buy it. only for sale on SteamThey are not available in physical stores.

Offer is valid during all Spring Sales of Steamwhich have started today. Tens of thousands of games discounted up to 90%.

You can get God of War for €30, FIFA 23 for €35, Monster Hunter Rise for €20, Horizon Zero Dawn for €16, F1 22 for €9.5, the entire Halo collection for €16, and thousands and thousands of offers more.

He First anniversary of Steam Deck It is a time of celebration for the PC Gaming. And although it already has a hard time running the most powerful games, don’t expect a Steam Deck 2 in at least 2 or 3 years…

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