Salma Hayek on the recipe for "eternal youth".  It is free and easily accessible

The sensational appearance of Salma Hayek has been admired and envied by all Hollywood for years. The Mexican actress, director and film producer, who will turn 57 on September 2, is regularly asked in interviews about her “secret of youth”. In the end, she decided to betray him to the British “GQ”. It turned out to be shockingly… cheap.

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Salma Hayek’s Free Youth Secret. “It’s not disgusting at all”

For years, the star has categorically adhered to several important principles, for which many dermatologists and cosmetologists would certainly praise her. First of all, she removes her make-up thoroughly every evening (this probably didn’t surprise you), and therefore… she never washes her face in the morning. As she emphasizes, this knowledge was passed on to her by her grandmother.

“I never wash my skin in the morning. My grandma taught me that at night my skin replenishes what it lost during the day. Besides, if I cleanse it very well at night, why should it be dirty when I wake up?” Salma Hayek explains

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“There’s nothing disgusting about it” – believes the actress, noting at the same time that she has never used the benefits of aesthetic medicine before, and she says categorically “no” to any invasive procedures. And I don’t mean only surgery, but also, for example, microdermabrasion or strong peels. “I’ve never done anything to myself just because it was promoted as ‘the greatest miracle’,” she told New Beauty.

Giving up washing your face in the morning – for whom?

Interestingly, although Salma Hayek gave up washing her face too often several years ago, her principles turn out to be surprisingly consistent with current care trends. In January, we described the emerging love for skin minimalism among women around the world, which finally relieves beauticians instead of wallets.

“Is characterised by focusing on minimalist, simplified care, which will allow us to get a healthy and glowing complexion when used only essential products. No more five-, seven-, or even nine-steps skincare routines”

More and more Internet users, as well as influencers specializing in care, point to the fact that since they stopped aggressively “attacking” their face with a lot of specifics with a cocktail of active ingredients, and instead focused on rebuilding the hydrolipid barrier, moisturizing and possibly delicate exfoliating once in a while, their skin condition is better than ever.

Does that mean washing your face in the morning is bad? Although Hayek advocates this, we must take this decision into account first our own skin type, the temperature in the room where we sleep, and what we put on our face the night before. It is definitely worth studying the composition of the product that we use for washing – if it is a strong, quite drying gel, in the morning we should try something a bit more delicate.

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