Preliminary draft constitution: Asma-CFP's proposals

The Asma-CFP party held on Saturday March 11, 2023 its 3th national conference at the Maison des ainés. A conference during which the party reaffirmed its position on certain national issues such as the draft constitution.

It is a full room which served as a framework for the militants and sympathizers of Asma-CFP for the holding of the 3th national party conference. A conference which also saw the participation of the leaders of several friendly political parties at the opening of the work and took this opportunity to express their solidarity with the party of the late Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga.

Among these political leaders friends of the party who responded to the invitation of Asma-CFP, we have Modibo Soumaré on behalf of the Framework for Exchanges of Political Parties and Groups for a Successful Transition, Djiguiba Keita of the PPR of Parena, Assarid Ag Imbarcaouane from Adema, Modibo Keita, representative of the Benkan movement of Seydou Mamadou Coulibaly, Issa Kaou N’Djim from Acrt, etc. Columnist Youssouf Bathily said Ras Bath was present at the opening of this national conference.

As expected, stakeholders have not been kind to the transition. They greatly drew the attention of the authorities to certain practices in progress in the country such as attacks on the freedoms of expression and opinion. According to Issa Kaou N’Djim, an endless transition is political power. This is why he invited the authorities to quickly organize the elections to return to the barracks.

According to the columnist Youssouf Bathily said Ras bath, the former Prime Minister, Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga is not dead but rather assassinated. According to him, the latter was arrested because he once had the courage to ask the authorities on a TV channel to work for the rapid return to constitutional order.

If these other remarks were able to pass without much noise, on the other hand, his statement on the death of Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga earned him his arrest on Monday March 13, 2023.

Ras Bath cropped by the first vice-president of Asma-CFP

Ras Bath’s remarks did not only concern the authorities of the transition. He also had harsh words against the party’s board when he said that the late Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga had been betrayed by his own party cadres. According to him, party cadres have not done enough to defend him.

This was denied by the first vice-president. According to the latter, the executives of Asma-CFP mobilized massively for the cause of their president from the beginning of his arrest until his death.

Speaking of the subject on the agenda, namely the 3th national conference of the party, he will say that it is held in a particular context marked by the disappearance about a year ago, of their president, it is the late Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga. He will let it be known that it will be an opportunity to take stock of the status of implementation of the recommendations resulting from the 2th ordinary congress, but also on the life of the party and its structures, to discuss among themselves to determine the main orientations of the party to face the new challenges assailing them.

He took the opportunity to thank the friendly parties who responded to this 3th party conference.

Amadou B. Cissé called for a national surge and a sacred union of the sons and daughters of the country to face the multiple challenges, in order to avoid, according to him, the deterioration of an already deliquescent situation.

« Indeed, we are convinced that no political party, no entity taken in isolation will be able to overcome the multiple challenges that beset us. We are obliged to come together in support of the army in its fight against insecurity and terrorism. Unite to preserve democratic gains and republican values. Comrades, the achievement of our common goals will only be possible if we manage to put aside our differences, and work together by focusing on what unites us rather than on what divides us. », Invited the first vice-president of Asma-CFP.

Asma-CFP’s position on the transition remains the same

Speaking of the institutional reforms underway in the country, the current strongman of Asma-CFP said that the position of their party has not changed since the beginning of the transition.

« Indeed, our party, from the first hours of the transition, engaged in a dynamic of support for the transition in order to meet the security challenges and lead to a return to normal constitutional order through the organization of fair, transparent and credible elections in a spirit of consensus and exclusivity “said Mr. Cissé. He will let it be known that his party has responded to all the Government’s calls on issues relating to institutional reforms and the revision of certain important texts such as the electoral law.

Compared to the duration of the transition, he also thinks that it should be short. He also believes that this transitional period must bring together all the actors in an inclusive and participatory approach in order to achieve a concerted and shared vision on the main orientations of the nation.

In relation to the preliminary draft constitution, Asma-CFP reaffirmed the party’s position for a minimum revision of the 1992 constitution. The party pleads for the introduction into the new constitution of proportional representation in legislative elections for, according to Amadou B. Cissé, undoubtedly helping to avoid post-election crises. He asks to also introduce the creation of the Court of Auditors, which is a requirement of ECOWAS within the framework of good governance.

As for the actual work of the conference, it was largely marked by recommendations.


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